Weird camera glitch

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    Hello guys, I was wondering ... this is starting to happen to me every now and then that the camera doesn´t go on the car when I´m about to start the race (See screens) and all I can do is quit the lobby... I do not have any tweaks in the game except some HD Textures. Have you guys been getting this glitch and if so, do you have any ideas how to fix it :/


    I´m in Brazil and this is the first corner and the arrows are pointing the wrong way and I´m not even there on those screens... the camera is at a different place then I am :p
  2. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
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    I don't know what textures you are using, but have you tried testing it without the textures?

    If I have problems, I always remove any mod, and test again, just in case.

    I remember I used some sort of texture mod in last year's game, and if I switched on the racing line, the line was actually rendered across the car's bodywork too .... quite weird.