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    Conclusions, translated by yours truly:

    - F1 2010 had its fair share of bugs, conceded by Codies. Live the life didn't live up to the expectations.
    - In F1 2011 Codies will try again. They will also add the new rules and updates.

    (now the interesting bits)

    - Drivers will play a larger role in the development of the car, they even mention: to fine-tune development based on your personal driving style.
    - Players will have to make choices in the car to manage the situation, think of little things like fuel mixtures.
    - There's now a system that calculates mechanical failures based on your driving. You can lose KERS, gears etc. Sometimes the situation can be restored by the team from a distance or in the pits. The engineer will keep you posted on the situation and advise you in damage limitation.
    - The engineer will also keep you posted about where you will fare back in after a pitstop, tactics more important.
    - DRS and KERS are in.
    - AI makes mistakes and misses braking points.
    - Dynamic weather and day/night cycle for every track.
    - Tyres can get dirty and catch lots of vibration. Bodywork can also vibrate.

    - live the life is greatly improved. Now you will see a parc ferme scene after the press conference showing the team celebrating for in discontent after a race.
    - Conference answers will be picked up by the press.

    - Co-op championship
    - Splitscreen championship (by ordering the races in splitscreen mode, similar to online mode today)

    And that's it. :wink: