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Wednesday September 9th - S2000 @ Monza

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Aug 13, 2008
Sorry Yves, could you put me as maybe. I'm not sure I will be back home on time for the race.

Same for the mini race please, even though I'll have more time, but just in case.

Jul 27, 2009
nice race today guys
with a bit off luck i finished the first race on the podium,but in the end my tyres whore only 55%.sorry yves for the push in the first corner on the last lap.

second race was a complete disaster for me.wrong setup.multiple spins,and again the tyres.but it was a very nice racing evening.

see you next time!!

Péter Bártfai

Sep 18, 2008
Very good racing tonight. At the end of the second race I had a bug but I finished, computer said I was 7th:)

Race1: Avoided T1 mess, had some fights, at the end Richard had problems with his tires and I got close, actually finished within 0,1 second!
Race2: A bit too much agression from the cars behind, but then it all became seriously good racing! With cars everywhere it wasn't easy!:)

P4 and P7 are great for me! And I must say thanks to Simbin for their great setup!:) It was very comfortable and seemed to eat tires less. And I only did 0,6sec worse than my pb on quali, and counting this was the Volvo S60 and that was a Chevy Lacetti that wasn't bad:)

One more thing: in this race I actually felt like in the "good old times":) It was really good!

Thanks Yves and RD for setting this up!

Keith Peppiatt

Apr 13, 2008
quali... went very well. new pb 2:00:3xx .321 off top of grid when top three separated by just .006!!! started 4th

race1. not a bad start. swamped by ries bmw power but other than that held on well. ries tyres let go on lap on in lesmo 1 and i lifted to try to see which way he would spin. with the road quickly running out the car just drifted wide as ries also rolled that way. clunk! back to the back of the pack. ries had to stop for repairs so the fight back began. got a few as people run out of road and as others had sng's. at lap 6 on two warnings i had to take it easier and did so. crossed a very happy 7th place!

race2. not quite what was planned. good start from 2nd. again swamped by bmw power this time yves. just under braking got served a sng which distracted me and i nearly mucked it up. puzzled what for - can only have been for jump start... which i am 100% sure i did not. but hey ho its just a game. ran for 2 laps then served penatly coming out in 14/15. closed up to freddie in 13th and we had a dice for a while. had a heart in mouth moment when he lagged while we're on the back straight (.4s between us) and i drove thru him. kept foot in just hoping we'd still have a safe gap when server told me where he was. mucked up overtake at the end of the straight but lived to survive another day. closed the gap. mucked up in t1 a few later getting another sng. (note no warnings for cutting. i just kept getting sng!) with 3 laps to go just thought enjoy the racing. gonna end last anyway so may as well stay close to others. did so... took avoiding action at one corner.... got an sng.... getting a wee bit annoyed and the rythmn went... crossed the line leaving the pits after serving 1 of the 6 sngs i had to serve.. DQ. oh well.

race 2 last lap looked interesting. if i had no sng's i could have moved as high as 8/9 as everyone seemed to trip over each other.

enjoyed the race despite the DQ in race 2 and happy to spend time racing with a great bunch of guys while the work life is a bit in turmoil.

keep it up.

gratz to podium and thanks for organising. :)

cya next week ISP permitting!

edit: Just read Peters post and agree this is the good ole racing type stuff. shame we cannot get more to fill the grid.

Mark Guy

Aug 21, 2008
Race 1 I got collected with th first corner mayhem, and got a S/G. Coming out of the second Lesmo I was right under a Seat's bumper and all of a sudden it swerved and I went straight into a C30, LOL. Big impact. Anyway that was my race run.

Race 2 had a good start, but going in to thesecond chicane i just clipped Peter's left corner and he spun. I waited for him and fell back to last. Sorry Peter for the rub or two, but I have just started driving in-car camera and still I am still adapting to the loner nose of the car. I had a nice fight with peter and a few other cars and ended P6.

Thanks Yves and RD, and see you all next time.

Thomas Lee

Jul 6, 2008
I had a decent turn of speed for once coming out of the Parabolica, couldn't capitalise on it though and made pigs ear of it every time.

Sorry to Kennett Ylitalo, Dennis Phelan, Stefan Beemsterboer and anyone else on the wrong end of my braking into the chicanes.

The last two laps of race two scared the hell out of me at times.

Kennett Ylitalo

Oct 23, 2008
Very nice race and great result in the 1st race. Never been on a podium in club races here so i'm celebrating:victory: There were unusual amount of lags and bugs tonight.
Qualy: Me PC tilted at the middle of qualy, was doing 2.01.7xx and closing. When i finally got back on the server i tried the older qualy setup, it was easy to drive but very slow. Over compensating the awful setup led to only one clean lap. Result:P16
Race1: Nice start and the usual mayhem at T1 was expected. Extra careful there got me a P6 then on 2nd lap, 5th place. Leaders Yves and Sebastian collided and that gave me 3rd position with Mtommi on my tail. I was slower than him on T1 braking and he tried to pass on the next chicane numerous occasions. You got a cool head man, thanks for that.:worship: Suddenly, everybody disappeared from screen, i was alone and scared for a moment. Quick fix with +/- and the bug happily resolved..

Managed to get pass Richard to P2 but the fierce battle showed on tires. Lockup on T1 and the two collected cut warnings forced me to drive very slowly back on track, both Mtommi and Richard to passed me.

An overtake on Richard raised me to 3rd place and that sounded good. Emil's SnG gave me 2nd place. The condition of tires and enough margin to spare, a drop of pace by 1-2sec was in order. Finally, a podium finish :highfive:
Race2: 7th on the grid and a bad start dropped the Seat to P10. The heavy leaning by Emil (no worries mate :hug-left:) on main straight distracted me and i tapped Richard P. on T1. That dropped me to 13th. Slowly picked up places until i was 5th.

On last 2 laps i got tapped and pushed more times that i can remember. A tap on final lap at the chicane and again at Lesmo 2 dropped me from 5th to 15th. The Ascari pileup was the final trick by lady Fortuna. One car blocking the racing line in the middle part of curve and frozed Volvo on the exit evolved me spinning right thru the ghost of the Volvo. The game decided to give me a cut warning and S&G at the same time on single corner...Finished 11th.​

Dennis Phelan

Apr 8, 2009
Mayhem at Monza!
I had a tough time qualifying as I kept cutting and laps wouldn't count. Two days of practicing and never had this many cuts. Of course most everyone was faster as usual.

R1 I had a great start off the line moved thru traffic to the first chicane and ran into someone slowing faster than I was, sorry for the MAYHEM there! So, out of the chicane in 15th. The MAYHEM continues in the Lesmo's and I finish L1 in P10. The parade moves along, L4 and I'm in P8. Thomas and I are having a go, I tap him off in the 2nd chicane and wait for him, enter track in P9 and our fight continues. L10 and I have to pit for a SnG, out of pits still in P9 with Claudio closing. Finish P9, good luck and nice fights!

R2 Another good start, I happen to move into Kennett entering the 1st chicane, Mtommi nibbles at me in the chicane[ I think I should have waited longer before re-entering] and I'm P12 out of the chicane. Peter blocks the 2nd chicane and I take a cut to avoid but get P10 out of it. Soon MAYHEM continues as the 1st chicane is blocked and I come out of it at P8[now I'm holding up a bunch of drivers!]

Mtommi has just tick more straight line speed than me but can't get by until I go wide in the Parabolica, now Kennett is in the mirrors. He's by at the 2nd chicane and Peter takes advantage of me and powers past on the way to the 1st Lesmo. Mark is next in line and makes a really NICE pass at the 1st chicane. Richard comes up and he picks the Ascari chicane to pass me in so now P12.

L8 and Richard is off at the 2nd chicane, back to P10. L11 and back to MAYHEM at the 2nd chicane where Mark, Claudio,Thomas, Peter and Kennett enjoy a cuppa. I pass Peter, now P9. L12 and Peter goes by at the 1st chicane. Kennett and Thomas having another cuppa at the 2nd chicane! P7!! Enter the Ascari and "Wha! Where's the traction?" as Kennett, Richard and Keith go by. As I get back on I see Richard off at the exit, P11!
Coming to theline I see Keith n Kennett pulling into the pit, finishing the MAYHEM in P9.

I had good races. I hope I didn't ruin anyone elses.

Thanks Yves and RD for putting a good crowd of racers together!

Keith Peppiatt

Apr 13, 2008
Freddie - line tip for you. on parabolica you come back for a second apex point. if you stay wider you can get a better accelaration through the whole corner which is how i was able to catch you so quickly down the straights. have a nosey at the replays when i'm right behind you.

hope this helps :)
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