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Wednesday October 7th - WTCC 07 - 06 @ Interlagos

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Rob Goldthorpe

Dec 23, 2008
Had a great 2 races for my epic comeback.

Race 1 was very eventful for me, didn't get a good start so most of the field went past me at T1. Spent the rest of the race chasing Jack Bauer down, didn't get close enough so had a lonely race.

Race 2, I started 3rd, got a half decent start :D Had some good battles with a few people but when I thought I could sail through the rest of the race, Jack Bauer caught me up. That's where the racing began! We swapped places near enough every lap, I was stuck to him down the main straight and made my move at T1, we went side by side around T1 and T2 then out braked ourself's at T3 :becky:

The racing carried on until the chequered flag dropped. On the last lap I was behind him again chasing him down the main straight, he was very defensive as it was the last lap, I was actually on his bumper and he turned Left and went shooting off, giving me the place :D

Great night all, cya next time :good:

Ross McGregor

Dec 18, 2008
And..umm..the guy in the chevy, i cant remember your name, sorry about tapping you so many times. I think we both lost numerous places as my car seemed to have a magnetic attraction to yours. :) But oh well. I will try and avoid you next time.
That t'would be me Nick! No worries. In the first race it actually made it more entertaining for me as i battled up to 8th. (nice battle with Martin i think, and another seat?) The second race i couldn't believe it was the same ruddy yellow seat that got me! Thanks for waiting though, my car had suspension damage from me going off earlier so i wasn;t going to trouble the leaders or anything, just remember to be careful on 1st lap, 1st corner!

Also, was involved in a great little dice between myself, lewis and chris. (in the beemer i believe) Coming out the last corner side by side me and lewis drag-raced to the finish, and he just pipped me by 0.1s. His prize? 14th.

Jack Bauer

Unlicensed Member
Sep 15, 2009
Quali’d 7th..Happy with that and just hoped to finish in the points. After an OK start and some rubbing in the first lap, had a minor run in with S. Palmer, who came in sharp and fast, but not intentional by any means. It ended it dropping him worse than me, and after a few laps with Rob Goldthorpe closing on me, I pulled away enough and set my targets on the battle for 4/5th in front of me, closed within a second toward the end, but for the most part uneventful. 6th Place finish…Woot Woot! Fun Race though!

After an epic fail of a start, I was in 10th after the first lap, closed down on the pack by lap Lap 4, when R. McGregor gets put off a bit, and comes on into my front Q’panel. Unintentional, but gave me a suspension problem. L Then the epic battle with Rob Goldthorpe went down again, trading spots time and time again, all clean, some of the most fun racing I’ve ever had. Got by him for the last time in T3 of lap 12, and knew if I could just come onto the straight clean, I’d have 5th…then Murphy’s law set in, and I go wide on the last corner and Rob is on my bumper down the final straight, his front tapped my rear with about 100 yards to go, and sent me into the wall…nobody’s fault, but put be back in 6th. Thanks Rob for some memorable racing.

Thanks to RD and Yves for putting on a great show.

Chris Sykes

Sep 13, 2009
Had good fun lastnight guys struggled a bit I have to admit, Nick I can only say sorry mate if I pushed you off was hard to tell you were sometime jumping back and forwards like it you were lagging but your ping was 70ms so had to push the pace up a bit to pass you and, donno if it was me you or the server but didn't see anyone else jumping round on track, but was flashing my headlight to signal to let people know I was intending to pass them anyways many sorrys if I did, hope to race with you all again soon and in future get some extra track time before getting on track in this game I haven't raced
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