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Wednesday May 27th - Audi R8 Production @ Barcelona 2003

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Bob Miley

Sep 14, 2008
Really enjoyed tonight. Started first race in 25th and finished 10th. Started second race in 10th and finished 5th. From 25th to 5th in 2 races loverleee!

Had a great battle with Chris Rogerson in race 2, very clean and fair, pity you outbraked at that tight turn 4.

Thanks Yves and RD. Quality!
Oct 23, 2008
I don't even remember where i started and where i finished, but overall i had a great night. Saw a lot of action. Sorry to the people who i hit (Stefan, Bob Luneski and Michel)

Thnx Yves, RD and all the nice people who where on the track!
Jan 14, 2009
Thanks guys for having me - first club race here, and i enjoyed it. finished both races with no major incidents so i'm happy. managed to luck a 4th (almost 3rd...) in race 2.

Freddie Besems

Feb 28, 2009
i've made twice the same mistake. (didnt occure during practice and home racing)

think to soon on the throttle when goiing on the straigt, caising heavy oversteering.

1e race it took a spoiler.

2nd race i was blocking the road. but i had to hold my position cause of the traffic. Sorry for that, cause 2 policecars out and another driver.

All 3 we went to the pit. and i gave my place back.

Then only blue flags appears, and had to drive a lonely race.

After all, it was a great event.

Craig Hume

Mar 4, 2008
Some good old fun again.
Qualy and practise did not go to bad at all. Finished qualy in 11th place.

Race 1: I got taken out in T3 (i think it is) Made space on the inside but still got hit. So went back on the track in around 21st or so. Made up some decent places and had some good battles. Ended around 12th

Race 2: I got hit before the first turn and went farming. Finally made it back onto the track in 2nd last. Again set about catching up to people. Alot of guys ran wide in turns or took out groups of cars making it easier to make up the places. Finally ended in a surprising 6th.

Thanks Yves and RD, i had a very enjoyable night

Michel Salvador

who was that one involved in that huge crash in the second race:O that car was airborne hahhahah
lol ya last turn lap 1 race 2 freddie lost control i hit him boom he was flying . and some guy in the back of us white r8 got olmost hit from is flying ,,

anyways good race

Gary Lennon

Feb 19, 2008
Again i feel the need not to prepare properly and pay the price in qual,although the pace was rather scorching hot tbh....a good launch away and all nice and safe driving with all around me and had some lovely racing mainly with Yves then a chase down on N. Hamilton to finish in 4th.
Another decent launch for race 2 and find a nice gap to approach T1 and have my braking done nicely ready to follow J. Adgie when suddenly i feel a knock and the back of my car goes out to the right and im consquently being spat off to the left side of the track,Yves is also coming with me,i see in the replay he is actually collected first,im a third pary that eventually gets collected after a pit of "R8 Pinball" when one red car arrives a bit too hot and tries to shoehorn his car into a non-gap triggering of chaos for others,also through all this these guys look to be keeping their throttle foot firmly buried just pushing things out their way,and then merrily getting on with the race as if nothing happened......not fully in the club spirit i think.
It all turned out good as i had a real good race with many passes and little battles,a very late push to steal C. Crompton's 3rd place from him :p,when he had a wide moment out the marbles at T4 i stuck my nose in for a cheeky look,Colin showed sharp awareness and gave me racing room to complete the move,although i was always prepared to back out if need (honest) :).
Many Thanks Yves and RD

{Footnote} Im also a bit angry on Kimmo's behalf having his signed up for rightful place basically "Stolen" from him....horrible tactics that are very much not in the spirit of Club Racing!!!!,i hope serious repercussions come of this or it makes a mockery of the whole sign up system.

Maks Stern

After reading Gary's post I watched the replay of the start of the second race and only now I realised what a mayhem I caused. First I collided with Nicholas (physics were a bit odd there) who then hit Gary and like he said, I also managed to hit Yves before Gary collected him. It sounds mad that I never became aware of any of this until now and it's unfortunate. It's a bit too late to notice things like that now but I hope it's not too late for an apology and hopefully I'm still able to participate in upcoming events as I'm really enjoying this community.

What times were you guys running?
The pole position was taken with a 1.51'7 lap and the fastest lap of the races was a 1.52'4.

David Barry

Mar 7, 2009
I had a good time at the race, lots of fun.

During Practice I was running around 2 flat using the default setup, but As I was driving my tires were losing temperature. Towards the end of Practice I saw Joren had posted a setup and decided to give it a try. I was faster every lap I used that setup and ran a best of 1:57.0, Still a way off the pace but the setup definitely helped me get some pace I was lacking.

First race got on the grid, everything is going well and then I hear my dog flipping out and banging on the door. Didn't want to leave a dead car on the grid incase I didn't make it back from the door quickly so I escaped out and missed the first race. Turned out to be some door to door newspaper salespeople.

Second race went much better, Coming up to the first turn cars were going everywhere from the accident described by others which allowed me to slide through and grab a couple places. Coming into Turn 5 I was right behind someone in red(not sure who it was) I got a bit late on the brakes and rear ended him pushing us both off into the sand, and then followed him back onto the track to start racing again. Sorry to whoever it was I bumped off, completely my fault.

A few laps later I was being followed by a white R8 coming into turn 7, Checked my rearview and I thought I saw him going to the inside so I got on the brakes a bit early so I could slow enough to take the outside line and give him room, though he didn't take the inside line and my early braking caught him off guard causing him to bump me off(though the great thing about the R8 is how easy it is to pull out of massive oversteer). Again this one was definitely my fault, I was braking before the brake zone and he didn't have time to realize what I had done.

I had a very good time in the races, the R8's are good fun to race with. Sorry to whoever I bumped off and to who I caused to bump me off.] Look forward to racing with you guys again soon!
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