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Wednesday May 27th - Audi R8 Production @ Barcelona 2003

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Keith Barrick

Feb 19, 2008
Can I get on the maybe (cinderella) list?

As of right now I should make this race, but things may change at the drop of a hat.

Nuno Areias

Sep 20, 2008

can i sign up was a maybe to. Have hard week on work don't no for shore if i can make it

but i tell u tomorrow for shore:skywalker:

thanks mate

Bert Van Waes

Yves, sign me up will ya.:wink2:

Never drove the audis before in gtrevo and wednesday i have some time. Could be fun:laugh2:...

Bob Miley

Sep 14, 2008
This will be my first RD event, getting very excited for it, but I have a few questions about it. Am I required to download an install skins other users are using? I don't mind doing it, I just want to know if there would be issues If I were missing a skin come race night.

Other than that I'm really looking forward to my first RD event and hope to see many more. I've been practicing both hotlapping the track and doing a few races against AI to try and get an idea of passing opportunities and how to leave room in the corners for other cars when necessary. Do you have any other tips to help prepare for a race on an unfamiliar track?

Look forward to racing with you guys on wednesday!
You don`t need to skins to race, it`s just nice to see the effort some people have put in. As far as tips, Enjoy Yourself first and foremost also, try to pass cleanly, if defending try to do it fair and remember the golden rule if you knock someone off track.

See you on Wednesday!

Ivo Simons

Apr 15, 2009
Me to. Because i am gonna watch the CL Final with some friends. Thought it was today but it's tomorrow.

Sorry and have fun.

Michel Salvador

ah i dint c you have that skin before i post lol oh well if it dont bother you then good :)
Feb 27, 2009

This track is build for motorcycles.......difficult to find a fine setup

for so far i get a low 1;56 (with a lot of mistakes)
Jan 20, 2009
I got my boss to change my work schedule today so that I will be home for this. Please add me. I'm hoping to make this my permanent work schedule so that I can make it to more of these 1900 GMT races.
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