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Wednesday May 20th - WTCC 07 @ Mid America Motorplex D-curve

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Racing Club & Leagues' started by Yves Larose, May 14, 2009.

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  1. Stefan Beemsterboer

    Stefan Beemsterboer

    Well, well - well, it was a nice race!

    Thanks Yves for all this, i realy hadn't mis this.

    A few hours before the race started i got a massage from Yves that there was a place for me on the grid! Owboy, without any practice i dicided to go for it! And yes, i did managed a good quality time (1;06). I was happy with it. So i started from place 14 (again). Early in the race i hit a blue lacetti, because he goes sideways i i could not avoid him. This cost my suspension of the left front. Yes, the good side!?! NOT...so my tires getting even more HOT - HOT - HOT, above 130 degrees. Pffff..there the grip goes..flying away...have a nice trip..where ever you go...
    Okay, with the help from some people who's standing still without enough fuel i become 11th place.

    The second race was better, besides the start. That was not quit good! Some BMW's are very busy with pulling you of the track. So, try to be more friendly next time, pls.
    After 6 rounds my tires became red again....so i had to slow down a bit. Sorry Green SEAT for this..... i had to defend my place for a couple rounds until my tires turns to green too :)

    After this all i do manage a 7th place. NOt bad at all. My first 2 points!!

    C'U Next time on the track
  2. Stefan Beemsterboer

    Stefan Beemsterboer

    I really did not aspect that you go back on the track that time and that quick. it was a great job of you to keep youre car on track. Hopefully youre car wasn't damaged. I considerd to stop, but saw you keeping the car on the track. I really don't know if i had to stop then?
  3. William Yunck

    William Yunck

    If in doubt just stop. So you lose some places, but it is only a club race and where you finish doesn't really matter as long as you have fun, and no matter were you are in the pack you can always find a good battle here at RD. :)
  4. Dennis Phelan

    Dennis Phelan

    I hope everyone had the problems with this track, just as I did! Congrat's to the drivers that got it right! I could never find a balance but always had a very driveable car even with tires way over optimum temp's. Never got out of 4th gear, very different.

    I must have qualified in the right place as people in front of me pulled away and those behind me caught up with me[uhoh] and passed. OK. I was out of place.

    Race one, I got to sneak through T1 on on the inside and lost places until people started running out of gas! Thanks Guys!

    Race two, I can't believe the fast guys didn't catch up! I had two good races, a bit of close stuff and I thoght it was awright! Time for another donation.
  5. Philip Antonia

    Philip Antonia

    Wow, what can I say other than I had a gr8 time this evening.:)

    Practice was fine, but I just could not work out how to push the car and make it quick. Late on I started fiddling with my Anti Roll Bars, Toe in etc and all of a sudden the car was doing what I wanted it to do:wink2:.

    Qual: 6th

    Had been floating around the back of the field, but as Qualifying started and I'd sorted the car out I placed 7th (6th after someone left) after breaking into the 1:05's:laugh2:.

    Race 1: 5th

    Well as I hadn't expected during my poor times in practice that I'd be near the sharp end this race was very exciting. I'd moved upto 4th with a good start and first lap. Then Yves spun handing me 3rd. Managed a little gap to 4th b4 making a dozzy mistake on one of the long right handers and losing 3rd and 4th places. Had a good battle with William for the 4th position, but he didn't give me any solid opportunities to get passed and I was very pleased with a competitive finish:dance2:.

    Race 2: 4th(just)

    Well this one was even better.:party2: Good start again although a Beemer flew past me, but got a push into T1 and managed to hold onto the slide without losing much. Was running 3rd and getting a little space to the 4th place guy whilst keeping the front to in my sights. Got excited when Yves had a little moment, but couldn't get close enough to capitalise on it. Maks was soon in 4th and gradually closing, but I felt I had enough speed to keep some air between us. Made an error couple of laps from the end to put some pressure on myself, but managed to keep gap steady at around 1.5seconds. Then on the last lap I ran a little deep into one turn allowing Maks to get close. Entering the final section I was not as aggressive as I had been all race and I didn't get tight into the last corner allowing Maks to stick his nose in on the inside. There was little contact which I had to correct a small slide and we had a drag race to the line. I lost 3rd by a couple of hundreths of a second:rotfl:. It was gr8 racing and I felt Maks move was totally fair in a competitive race. I'd given him an opportunity and he took it.

    Very proud to have changed what looked to be an uncompetitive performance into a strong showing with the front runners. Even felt I'd learnt a lot more about setting up the car in that whirlwind half an hour that changed the car completely.:victory:

    Thanks all for a gr8 evenings racing. Looking forward to Mini's and s2000's on Friday now:).
  6. Daniel Overton

    Daniel Overton

    My steering was screwed after the T1, was twitching everywhere. Apologies, I stopped after I spun incase I caused an accident.
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