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Wed July 15th - BMW Z4 GTR @ Warwick Farm

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Gregory Degreef

Nov 8, 2007
GR all!!!
nice fight all the race1 with keith!!!
seconde race a bit desatster for me... sry to Johan and to all i have disturb in the first lap... :/
thx to Yves to go swiming... ;)
gratz to Bruno to wins!!!
cya friday... i hope... ;)
Sep 15, 2008
Good race guys lot's of fun, could not quite get the pace I wanted with this car. Lost my G25 so I had to go back to the old wheel hope I was'nt all over the road infront of you guys I seem to have a bit of tuning with the old wheel to do. cya next time maybe. And Gregory don't worry about it :)
Jun 1, 2009
Bummer, James. You are always welcome in my neck of the woods. (the back). :beat-up: I'll race with ya!:Banane03:
I finished 12th overall. That's my report. haha

Kennett Ylitalo

Oct 23, 2008
Though car/track combo. Real drifting action. Too bad the PS2 Joypad/Drifting don't really like each other. I couldn't get the car under control at all..

1st Race: Car was really hard to control on cold tires.. When tires heated they overheated but it was allright until the inevitable crash after the "swimming-pool". Not much damage but enough that the little balance that was left was gone.

2nd Race: Tried to alter setup and the handling got little better. But then spun from P6 and it destroyed my concentration. Couple of laps later i found myself from the barrier with The-Hattrick-of-trouble: flat tire, broken suspension and aero. Limped to pit but forgot that this track has a problem with autopit, stopped but not completely, the car was just rolling slowly and my mechanics are so timid that they are afraid of a car moving 0.001km/h...

This track is not the best for side-to-side action, i was struggling when anybody was distracting even a bit me from the narrow racing line. I did swung my tail connecting the front of the guy trying to pass on several occasions. Sorry, not intentional, the cockpit was full of hands but my instincts aren't going to give up a position easily :)

Steve Emmons

Feb 22, 2008
Well done to all and thanks to Eric for setting it up!
My first time at Warwick Farm and in the Z4 so it was all new to me.
Had a good time chasing Joao for most of race 2, but stuffed it in the armco on lap 11 and had to limp along with a damaged suspension and no splitter until the end. It only took a concentration break of a microsecond, but it was enough...:smile:

Bruno Said

Oct 13, 2008
Qualy: 1st
Race 1: 1st. My first gear was very short and I started too bad. Gregory took the 1st positon, but after his mistake in the end of the first long straight I was first again. When he and the 3rd player were fighting, I was increasing the time distance.
Race 2: 1st. First gear longer now. Started very quick and overtake 2 or 3 cars. I was behind Greg and wainting he to find a way to overtake the players ahead. After overtake Aritan I guess...I was behind Yves about 5 seconds. In some laps we were side by side in the straight and I took his position too.

Very nice track and awesome races!

João Andias

Sep 14, 2008
Nice circuit, my first time here, 45 minutes before the race I didn’t even know the event existed, but at least I knew the car well :D

Used every non race session to practice and learn the track with race fuel. Had help from both on-line setups (Keith and Gregory, thanks) and did a few modifications to my taste. A narrow mix track (I like it) with logic in its layout unlike many 90’s circuits. Some parts are very similar to a tarmac rally stage and others are very fast. Spent a good 30 minutes learning to keep the car on the asphalt, especially on its middle part.

As above implies the grid position was of lesser importance and I was doing 36s a few laps earlier before my final grid time. But starting in the middle back of the field brought the responsibility of not doing a complete mess of the first few turns.

Race 1 (6th)
With the others misfortunes climbed earlie to 8th and yet on the first few laps took 7th behind R. Jesus.

Spent the rest of the race simdriving and drifting trying to catch Rogerio. That never happened and as my car was sliding all over the place, it was lots of fun to drive it.

In the end some unfortunate fellow simracer run out of fuel and I climbed to 6th something that was well above my early expectations.

Race 2 (6th)
With the grid inversion, started from 3rd. Took the fist corner from the outside line and when I was already thinking if the quicker guys (grid inversion) would be able to draft pass me, was forced to take the “farm route”.
S. Emmons, you were in a “death angle”, I couldn’t see you, if I had, I would have left room and done the turn fully on the outside line.
Dropped to last (only 13 for the 2nd race) but with others misfortunes quickly climbed to 8th. This time did 2 “real” overtakes, the last was E. Simmons leaving me in 6th (again). Until very near the end Steve kept my concentration by being close and every time I took a grass route (it was late here :D) he was there to remember me of the possible 7th.
Rogerio was again up front, more distant this time but the distance was somewhat constant.
In the end was 6th again, maybe a “prove” that was my “natural” position for this event.

Grats Bruno for booth victories (you are quickly gaining fame here at RD). Grats everyone as some of you were true farming experts :D

Thanks RD and race staff for organizing another good one and thanks everybody who participated, no doubt a clean and fun race.

Yuri Braham

Oct 18, 2008
[JOAO Andias said:
In the end some unfortunate fellow simracer run out of fuel and I climbed to 6th something that was well above my early expectations.
That was me. Trying to get the 4th place. I really thought i had enough fuel about 27 liters.
But at the moment i decided to attack, the cars begon to sputter. :hypnotized:

Aritan Maia

Nov 25, 2008
Yo, mates!!!!

Quali: 7th
Not a great quali at all!!!! Scored a best lap in the race, lol.

Race1: 4th
Very nice race. Very bad start, but I didn't loose any positions, since the guys behind were very cautious.

Started climbing for some positions and was 5th in the first lap, behind Yuri. He was faster than me and I was trying very hard to catch him, without luck. Then he made a mistake and I got closer. After another mistake, I got the 4th place. Since he was a bit faster, he made some pressure for quite some laps, but he went out of fuel, so I continued 4th till the end.

Race2: 4th
Better start, but not great! Got 1 or 2 positions in the start, but Bruno jumped and in front of me, so I just won 1 position. I was 5th. After a little contact between Greg and some other driver, I jumped to 3rd and stayed there several laps. Then Greg climbed again from some places behind me and tried to push a little, but I could hold him for only 1 lap or 2. He passed me and I was 4th again. Tried to catch Yves, but stayed 4th till the end.

Thx a lot RD and Eric for setting the event and Keith for the background support. :)

Thank you all my fellow drivers!!! It's always a pleasure to race with you. :)


Abdul Al-Amry

2011 RD Indy 500 Winner
Jul 15, 2008
Looks like it was a great event. Missed it but for the better in preparation for Friday/Sat event. Was in bed at 1am which is 00:00GMT start of event. I was braking and accelerating and using the paddles.

Eric Nelson

Jan 14, 2009
too busy for full race report.

Highlights and low lights are these:

I couldn't get the real speed in this car at all. I ran a G Degreef setup from online and iut made the car more drivable at least.

I finished ahead of many players after falling back early. I think 9th and 6th were my finish.

Keith left after race one which put me on pole! thanks man not where I wanted to be.............LOL got good start for a change and managed to hold onto 1-4th for about 6 laps before the really quick drivers got past me.

had good battles in R2 and drove well even when the tires were very bad.

hoping to be on tonight but have to set up for our party tomorrow so nor sure what will be left to do tonight.

Thanks Eric and Rd for the usual fun times!
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