WEC Support Series future Discussion

which 3 options interest you the most for next season's support series?

  • GT4 Support series with a seperate ginetta g40 junior spec class

  • GT4 Support series w/o ginetta GT4, including a seperate class with prototype light cars

  • GT4 Support series w/o ginetta GT4 (aston, bmw, toyota, mustang) and no other class

  • Randomized spec car every support race (track schedule will remain supporting WEC)

  • Ginetta GT4 spec class with seperate Radical RXC spec class

  • Touring car series- various options

  • Modern DTM class with a seperate classic DTM class

  • V8 supercar spec series

  • Modern stockar and classic stockar series

  • Pagani Zonda R spec series

  • Other (write suggestion in bold & underline text in thread response)

  • Radical SR pro-am cup series (sr3 for am, sr8 for pro)

  • Ginetta GT4 spec series

  • Renault Megane Trophy and RS01 trophy Series

  • Driver vote determines car for each support race (track schedule will remain supporting WEC)

  • Modern DTM spec series

  • GT1 series

  • LMP900/GT1 series

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There are just to many games out right now. Asseto seems to be better after the last patch and now that Battlefield One is out, that is pretty much all I am playing when I have the time to play.
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