WEC | Peugeot / Rebellion Racing Team Up For New Hypercar Programme

With the 2021 World Endurance Championship undertaking a radical overhaul into a new Hypercar regulation era, proposed 2022 entrants Peugeot have announced a partnership with current LMP1 outfit and most recent WEC race winners, Rebellion.

Having already stated their intention to build a Hypercar endurance racer for the new regulations, although most probably joining a year into the new ruleset rather than from the initial start in 2021, Peugeot have attempted to get something of a leg-up the experience ladder with a newly announced partnership with respected endurance racing outfit Rebellion Racing.

Jean-Philippe Imparato, CEO of Automobiles Peugeot, commented:

“Peugeot has been behind some of endurance racing’s most memorable moments, with both petrol and diesel power. Today, we are turning our attention to a new adventure founded on hybrid-electrified technology. We were delighted to see how warmly the recent announcement of our participation in the series was welcomed, especially as this exciting shift in sporting and power-unit terms will accompany the launch of Peugeot Sport Engineered cars. I am very enthusiastic about this programme, especially as we will be working in association with a major partner.”
Those knowledgeable in the world of endurance racing will be well aware that Peugeot had a brief and successful dalliance in the World Endurance Champioship back in the mid-2000's, but have been far removed from track racing in recent years as the group concentrated on the World Rally Championship with their various PSA group brands.

However recent years have seen a return to track racing in firstly the WTCR and now the ETCR, so perhaps a move to top level endurance racing is not as surprising as the first announcement felt at the time - but certainly as exciting now as it was last month.

With Rebellion always punching above their weight against manufacturer opposition for years in the WEC, a joint venture with the might of Peugeot is a strong signal of intent from the French manufacturer. Further details of the agreement have yet to be revealed, and more news is expected in the coming weeks.

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Miguel Batista

I am glad for rebellion and the new hypercar series with its low cost seems to be bringing a lot of possible competitors which is nice. But the rebellion punching above their weight is a bit wrong. I mean Toyota at this point has more restrictions than all the other teams combined to prevent them from just roflstomping everyone else. I mean their pace earlier in the year was completely unmatched thanks to hybrid system giving them a huge advantage.


This is great news for Rebellion and for plenty of other teams like them I think. This new hypercar series seems to be making the right things happen for the WEC so good call by them to try something new.
Looking forward to the new season very much now!

Will Mazeo

How many hypercars need to be produced for homologation? Or is it just a prototype that look like supercar?
I think it's not the car that needs production number, it's the engine. You then can do either a proper race car or something based on a street car if you wish.
That's how it was before at least, not sure if they changed, seems like hypercar rules are not even set on stone yet...
The new Hypercar rules finally look promising.Great to see Rebellion finally get a deal in the big league.

My only concern is the rule makers applying the Balance of Perfomance rules to such a diverse bunch of cars.
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