WEC | Peugeot Announce 2022 Hypercar Intentions

Peugeot have today announced their intention to launch a Le Mans and World Endurance Championship bid once the highly anticipated Hypercar regulations come into effect at the end of the current LMP 1 Prototype era.

Having already proven to be a force to be reckoned with during their brief, but highly successful foray into the WEC back in the mid 2000's, Peugeot have today confirmed they intend to return to the top level of endurance racing for the 2022 Hypercar regulations - with an as yet unannounced new hypercar from the French manufacturer.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, Peugeot shocked the motorsport world with the announcement of their intentions to join Aston Martin, Toyota, Glickenhaus and ByKolles in the newly revised top level of international endurance racing - including a return to Le Mans for the first time since 2011.

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Gérard Neveu, CEO of the WEC, added:

“What great news this is for everyone involved in endurance racing. Peugeot’s arrival in the new Hypercar category, alongside Aston Martin and Toyota, can only encourage more manufacturers to commit to the top level of endurance racing. We are so happy and honoured to welcome back a competitor and marque with such a great history of success as Peugeot has.”

The brand have yet to reveal what hybrid 'Hypercar' they plan of contesting the WEC with, but it does appear clear that the French outfit are targeting a 2022/23 debut, giving the outfit a couple of years worth of development following the proposed 2020 debut of the new regulation set with the series.

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WEC/Le Mans is what got me into Motorsport and subsequently sim racing. I am sceptical about the new regs but also excited to see a new top level class in endurance racing. All in all glad to have Peageot back!


This hyper car class is gathering some momentum now. Really hoping some of the other top marques join them.
WEC started to look like it was in trouble the last couple of years, but these changes are making sure that it doesn't die a death which I for one am extremely happy about.

I'm now going to try and organise a camping trip for the family in 2022 to Le Mans. I should have enough time to prepare and save up for it from now till then...
(I.e. I'll need to have hotel or B&B sorted for the girls in case they hate camping or weather is bad etc...)

Will Mazeo

It proves the concept of the regulations when yet another manufacturer promises to join the series
Performance target + BoP is the way to to go if ppl want to attract manufacturers nowadays I guess

2022 is a long way off, let's hope they get their game better together than Nissan did a few years ago.
Nissan issue was a CEO that wanted to reinvent the wheel but chose bad suppliers to do it. Had they gone with a "normal" car they'd be fine.


I'm not too stoked on that to be honest. It's news for 2022 and alot can change till 2022.
well yeah but if they want to particapte then they need to start now. Most curious what engine route they go. It will be hybrid, but next to that again a diesel? It's not like Peugeot has any sporty engine in their line up right now right?
Hmm, this 2022 might be an interesting year though. If Glickenhaus gets confirmed, then that would certainly be a race to watch! They 908 was a REALLY good competitor, I can't wait to see what they can accomplish!
Nissan issue was a CEO that wanted to reinvent the wheel but chose bad suppliers to do it. Had they gone with a "normal" car they'd be fine.
I doubt Nissan ever seriously wanted to challenge for Le Mans. By building a ridiculous race car they got the same PR for a fraction of the cost. They never even bothered to race outside of Le Mans, it was a shameful PR exercise.
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