WDTS S13 - Stripes and Blocks Skin Pack

Skins WDTS S13 - Stripes and Blocks Skin Pack 1.0

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davidjoshuamusic submitted a new resource:

WDTS S13 - Stripes and Blocks Skin Pack - Fictional generic livery pack for the World Drift Tour S13 Street

Car Mod Source: http://worlddrifttour.com/

So, I love the World Drift Tour Street Pack, but I've been bored with the blank skins. Was making my own skins for video content and thought others might enjoy it as well. Reflection maps have a hint of carbon fiber in the darker parts of the design. Also, I included a couple "murdered out" versions with flat colors and the main reflection map.

If you like this, let me know and I'll keep making...

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