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Tracks Watkins Glen 1.0

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Nevermind, found the culprit. For some reason, my start type was changed to "rolling start". Resetting to "track default" did the trick.
Changed the evaluation for 5 stars!
I copied the folder WatkinsGlenSRW to Locations folder, but It doesn't work for me. It won't load and when i press esc the game exits to desktop.
Yes, i did now, but the track still doesn't load(the menu music keeps playing and nothing happens, when i press esc the game exits to desktop).
I extracted and copy/pasted your files(RACEGROOVE.dds, SKIDHARD.dds, sky01.dds, etc..) into the main GSC folder.

Greg Latty

old thread but im having the same issues as the people above. just stays on the loading screed and the escape button exits the game. I have the missing textures installed in the correct location