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Tracks Watkins Glen (Short Course) 1.0

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Watkins Glen - Watkins Glen

Watkins Glen
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Thanks for this classic track. It's been a favorite of mine on GTL and GTR2. I'm wondering when you'll get the extended layout in working order? I decided to drive around the barrier at the crossover point and that section appears to be just about complete, albeit a little bumpy. Keep up the good work!
I have problems when I try to run a race on this track, First issue is that all the other cars (10) disappear as soon as the race starts. The next issue I get is the CPU occupancy @ 95% and lastly it looks like crap, I can see the graphics being drawn i.e the fence as I am driving up to the chicane and other places also. Does anyone else have these issues? I should mention that I can run races on all the stock tracks and have done so with up to 20 cars with no issues whatsoever.
What i find really amazing is that the WHOLE track is there, and we get to drive the short course.

The shoe part is the interesting part and every time i drive past it i think, what a waste not to include this.
It's a good conversion of the one layout - I'd love to see the long layout, too.

But more importantly, it'd be essential
- to get the timing fixed (we run a race the other night and had times of a couple of seconds registered)
- get the pit fixed. You simply can't pit.

As it is, it's a nice but useless track, sadly.
this track doesn´t work with the latest update of Assetto Corsa, I mean, the AI doesn´t work, it stop in the start line, any update of the track??
The banking seems a lot more that I have seen on PCars or iRacing. The track seems wide a quite a few points as well. I'm no expert, just love the track.