Watch A Ghost Replay? And Pi Toolbox Licence Error.

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  1. saml91


    Hi everyone my uni has a simulator and I noticed it was based on this simulator so I got it at home to practice on with my force feedback steering wheel due to the limited time to practice on the sim, and my friends actually on the course which uses the sim have had way more time on it and are better than me so I want to beat them :thumbsup: I have managed to get a really good time only once (about a second better) and I have got the telemetry for it and a ghost file for it but I want to also be able to see the line I actually took to get that time is there any way to do this?

    Another problem I have is when I set the telemetry outputs to 1 for PDS output so my friends can analyse it for me I get the following error in the QLOG:
    Sun Dec 09 00:01:23 (INFO): [racer/4556] RLog:Open PDS file (data/dump/log121209000109_121209_000123.pds)
    Sun Dec 09 00:01:23 (ERR ): [racer/4556] PIFile::CreateFile(); failed to create file (error 0x80000013)
    Sun Dec 09 00:01:23 (WARN): [racer/4556] RLog:Open(); can't open PDS file; PI Toolbox license in order?

    Any help with these problems will be much appreciated :)