War of RD 6 - The Battle for Hexagistan

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Had things gone my way, who knows..

After the EPIC fight in the War of RD 5, our generals have found a new piece of land to claim for themselves. It is called Hexagistan.

All people who sign up are declared military governor of one of the 10 nations of Hexagistan. You get to move units around the board, owning rural areas (empty), towns (dot), ports (anchor) and capital cities (star). To win the game, you must be the last man standing. You move around with separate units, with manpowers that can have values between 1 and 99.
How do I grow my empire?
When you start, there is a small unit on your capital which can move a maximum of two hexes away from its start point. Moving to somewhere on the edge of your territory not only conquers the hex you land in, but also all the rural areas touching the hex you are in. Towns, ports and capital cities can only be gained by landing on them. Each unit can only move once in a go, and you have a maximum of 5 moves when you have more than 5 units.

How do I use water?
All units can go on water. Land based armies can become sea based navies. You can only get on the water at a port, but you can leave the water anywhere you like. Water is unclaimable, so does not contribute to the size of your empire.

How do my units grow?
At the end of each turn, the size of your empire is calculated. Towns gain 5 men and capitals gain 10. Added to these is extra units calculated from the amount of rural areas you own and ports you own. Towns and capitals are the only places where new units can be trained, and the total is split over them all. You can also merge units on land. If you move one unit onto another unit, they become one more powerful unit which is the sum of their manpower. If they total more than the maximum (99), then the rest is left in the previous spot. Merged units cannot move after merging, but the spare can move if it hasn't already. Units cannot be merged in water, and units cannot also be split, so be sure when you merge.

How do I battle?
You can take empty cities or rural areas in someone's territory as easily as if they are unclaimed. However, if you decide to battle an opponent, the unit with the larger manpower wins the battle, but loses some men. (If a 65 attacked a 42, then the 65 would be reduced to 23). If both have the same manpower, the defending unit wins the battle, and is left with 1.

How do I lose the game?
This is a better question than how do I win. No matter how big your army is, or how many other capital cities you own, if your main capital is defeated, you are out and your land goes to the conqueror.

What do I do each turn?
Each turn, you can order your units to move. Each unit will be given a letter, plus the manpower (eg B34) and given the same colour as your nation. There are a certain number orders you can give to move the unit, as detailed below, assuming your unit is in the yellow hex.

Where it has a forward slash (/), it means you can say either number. Each turn, PM me the moves you want to do. I'll wait until everyone has posted before moving on. Move order will be chosen by random.org.

Are there any other orders I can give?

There are two more. Giving the Capitulate or Surrender order ceases your time in the game. All land you own becomes unclaimed. The other order you can give is Sign a Pact. To sign a pact, you need to have agreed to do this with another army. You can only sign a pact once, and they are only with one army. I will need confirmation from both users who sign the pact. What is different about just deciding to not attack someone and signing a pact is that where you would automatically take over some land from the other army by moving next to it, you can't with a pacted nation. To break the pact, move a unit onto the land they own at the start of the turn. If you both move and accidentally land on some that has been gained during that turn, the pact will not be broken. Pacts must be declared made privately (PM or otherwise), but if a pact breaks, it will be public.
Secret pacts (the pacts I wasn't told of) are allowed, but I won't consider it as an official pact.

Fine Tuning
There are some smaller rules that need expanding on, or made visible.
Moving on and off Water: You can move off water where ever you like, but you can only move to the bit of land touching the water, no further inland on that move. You cannot move on and off wtaer in one go. If there is one bit of water between the port and another bit of land, you have to do them in 2 separate rounds.
Moving through armies and towns: You cannot pass through an army or a town. If you want to move (for example) 22, but there is an army or town on space 2, you stop on space 2. However, if you moved 23, because it is the same as 32, that is acceptable.

Is it possible to join mid game?
It is possible, but only under specific circumstances. When an Empire (detailed below) loses its main capital, the provinces are then liberated. When the province is liberated, new users can join as the leader of that nation. The capital and the unoccupied rural areas touching the capital move to the new leader. If no one is chosen in the first round afterwards, they just become unclaimed lands and cannot be taken over by another user. 4 nations can respawn, after that we just go on till there is 1 nation left.

So, which army will you choose to lead? Each nation can be in 3 separate states

Province (Italicised), This is the worst state to be in. This means that the capital has been conquered.
Kingdom (Normal), This is the default state to be in. This means you only own one capital.
Empire (Bold), This is the best state to be in. This means you own more than one capital.

(countries have the same names as their capitals)

Viridian-Omer Said
Pewter-Alexander Macdonald
Cerulean-Rami Saidy
Goldenrod-Lesley Buurlage
Saffron-Joel Rautavaara
Fuchsia-Tapio Rinneaho
Celadon-Steven Poirier

I will wait a maximum of 3 days for your moves. If you don't put them within that amount of time, your country will capitulate from the game

If you are going to be offline for a longer period of time (or something that'll keep you inactive), contact me by PM first.​
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Nice apex, I'll take it!
Moves will be done in the order they are posted. (subject to change, I will put a voting system)
Lets deal with this ASAP.

I think for this war, Milos should determine the order before any have been sent using random.org. That way, we don't need to worry about who is online, and how much an order has been edited.
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