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Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by XKeeperX, Sep 4, 2018.

  1. XKeeperX



    I´m on a 80/20 alu rig with Fanatec CSL equipment and VR (CV1) at the moment and enjoy the immersion a lot. Now I want to extend the immersion with SimVibe. I read a lot the whole last week and wanted to order the following hardware:

    Amplifier: SMSL SA-98e 2x160W

    Bass shakers: Sinustec BS-250 (2x)

    5.1 Soundcard

    Cable from Soundcard to Amp:

    Cable from Amp to bass shakers:

    2 short questions about the hardware:
    - Amp & Bass shaker combination is fine?
    - Cable 4mm² also OK??

    I want to mount both bass shakers to a piece of wood separately.
    One should go under my seat (mounted under the alu rails of the Sparco fibre glas seat) and one under the pedal plate (also mounted under the alu rails).

    The plan with SimVibe: Extension mode (seat/pedal).
    So i have to go from the green soundcard output (?) to the amp (= 2 x chinch) and one output channel to one bass shaker, right?

    Overall - what do you think?
    My goal is to have a good "starter" package to add immersion on an max. overall budget of 300,- (incl. SimVibe license). No need for chassis mode because i don´t think I want to go so far at the moment and in VR it´s not that important to have difference to separate left/right additional. I just want to "feel" some movement/shaking in the rig (engine, shifting) and the road/curbs for a good immersion... from the front to the back for sure. The rig stands on 4 rubber feets at the moment but i don´t want to make additional "uncouple" things within the rig...

    Thx in advance for some tipps - i hope I´m on the right way :)
  2. Mr Latte

    Mr Latte

    Stuff seems fine yes...

    I would advise you compare the shaker you listed with one of the following. Here
    Then decide to return one and buy a second of what you prefer. You may find the Reckhorn is a bit better/stronger.

    You can also potentially save quite a bit of money trying alternative tactile software. Bearing in mind that in your current suggested budget you are going to spend more on Simvibe software than you are on the two tactile you highlighted.

    Perhaps you already have purchased Simvibe but if not software options to consider and much easier for beginners are Shakeit via (SimHub) and Sim Shaker Wheels (SSW) which you should find plenty of info on here at RD forums.

    Installation takes testing and trying things.
    Apart from that you should get things up and running without too much bother.

    SSW however will need effects placed to suit a front/back MONO installation and not 2 channel left/right STEREO installation. I do not know why from default this is not supported as many people getting into tactile go for seat/pedals having one unit each. I highlighted the issue in the past, months ago but seems nothing was done. Users can however learn to place effect files in a way that will suit a front/back installation.

    Ask Andre in the SSW thread about this if you want to try his software.
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  3. Elaphe


    If you have a fibre glass seat, why don't you screw the shakers directly to it? It's the best way to feel the effects.
  4. XKeeperX


    @Mr Latte
    Thx for the advices... it´s a good point to invest maybe a bit more in better hardware and check other (cheaper) software packages...

    I think I will go for:
    Amp: https://www.thomann.de/at/the_tamp_e400.htm
    (same price as the SA-98e but better specifications)

    Shakers: The mentioned Reckhorn BS200i.... first I thought they are identically to the Sinustec BS250

    Yeah sure but there are two problems with this:
    - I don´t want to make holes in the nice seat
    - The shaker isn´t really an optical highlight - so I don´t want to see it

    At least for the beginning... I will see what happens next if I open the "shaker pandora box" :)
  5. Mikael Hammar

    Mikael Hammar

    The BS250 terminals aren't large enough to take a 4mm2 cable, use 1.5, maaaaybe 2mm tops
  6. Mr Latte

    Mr Latte

    Mr Latte knows of a quality solution :)

    2mm Banana Plugs
    These fit models like the BK Advance and I'm sure some others.

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