(w.i.p) Lola B12/60 Rebellion Racing

Pre release can be found here

What is new or changed in v0.99 (March 3rd 2015)?

- basic drag increased, so a little reduced top speed
- the range for the downforce is reduced, as it had too much of it
- new tire models for the slick and endurance tyre.
- improved some textures.
- added a new upgrade feature.

Enjoy!! :)


What is new in version 0.95: (Jun 17th 2014)

- updated physics, car is softer, so more grip on the rear.
- centered the left rear brake disc.
- adjusted the tire change, refueling and driver swap times to more realistic ones.
- added new skins which were made by our member Joao Fernandes :thumbsup:

Still to do:
- static shadows on the template
- driver animation
- camera positions
- head position of the driver and the head...


Update v0.92 (Jun 5th 2014):

- update the engine, which should now have the performance of the Toyota 3.4L V8 RV8KLM.
- the standard eye point is more forward.
- added an ALT skin from Rebellion Racing, so not everyone needs to drive a black car. :)

After the Pescarolo 2008 LMP car I started working on my next model.
Again a prototype, this time the LOLA B12/60 used by Rebellion Racing in the FIA WEC.

Here some screenies of the WIP:



The work on the cockpit is almost done. Got some problems with the COCKPIT instance whichh doesn't seem to work. If that is done/fixed . I need to make the rpm leds on the steering wheel work and finally the lights, so night driving is possible too. :)

I have done some work on the sounds inside the cockpit, but I could use some help on that.
If someone could help me with that that would be very much appriciated and you will be in the credits.
The sounds need to be from a Toyota 3.4L V8 RV8KLM.
If you can help me, please pm me. :)

I am thinking about releasing this as open source aswell as soon as it's released.
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Had a little loss of data with the new build for the SDK, like loosing the gen file. :p
I will try to finish the whole model this coming weeks.
I worked a little om the sound, but far from happy with it....yet....
Last will be the physics...

Still lots to do untill I realease this puppy.... :)
If the whole model is finished (lights, display stuff) and got the sound sorted than I start thinking about physics. So yes, very WIP.

Does anyone, by change, know the guy from this youtube channel and how to contact him? I could use that sound for the car and commented on the vid, but no answer so far.:cautious: