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VWSR S4: League Information (Clio Cup)

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Feb 26, 2011

League: Virtual World Series by Renault Clio Cup
Season: 4 (2015)
Sim Required: rFactor 2
Cars: Renault Clio
Grid size: 24 drivers with a reserve list. (To ensure there are no pit spot mishaps.)

Welcome to the 4th iteration of the Virtual World Series by Renault Clio Cup hosted by Racedepartment. The small, but powerful cars promise close racing, and offer drivers new/old, fun and accessibility for the championship. This season will consist of 6 rounds.

For this season custom skins will be allowed. Everyone is free to create a livery. A skin pack will be prepared for download at the beginning of the season.

A broadcast of the race will be provided by RDtv on YouTube.
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Feb 26, 2011
Sign up
Interested teams/drivers, who hold a licensed membership can apply for one of the 24 places in the league. Drivers not on the immediate list will be placed on the reserves list. Every licensed member and owner of ISI's rFactor2 is welcome to join the championship. Details about how to sign up will be in sign up thread.
All regular Racedepartment league rules apply. Make sure to have read them before signing up by clicking here.

There will be a drivers championship as well as a teams championship. Teams/Outfits may enter a maximum of 2 teams only, with a maximum of 2 drivers per team. Drivers may sign up as independents if they wish. Independent drivers may switch to a team during the season, the points which they have scored before joining the team however will not be carried over to the team. Drivers already in a team may not switch to a new team for the duration of the championship.

Sign up open: 08/04/2015
Publication of final drivers list: 20/04/2015
Divisions: There will be a maximum of 1 division for this league.
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Feb 26, 2011
Available cars
Drivers in this series will be driving the Renault Clio's. All setup options will remain available during practice. Parc Ferme will be in effect after your first qualifying lap. Tire wear from qualifying will be carried over to Race 1. Use your tires wisely.

Hockenheim Short

Round 1
(Croft) - April 24th
Round 2 (Poznan) - May 1st
Round 3 (Hockenheim Short) - May 8th
Round 4 (Mid-Ohio) - May 15th
Round 5 (Magny-Cours) - May 22nd
Round 6 (Montreal) - May 29th
Races will be held on Fridays.

MOD & SKINS UPDATE: Download upon server login

- VWSR Clio Cup 2015 Car: Download

- Croft v1.0 : Download
- Poznan v1.0: Download
- Mid-Ohio v2.01: Download
- Hockenheim Ring: v1.0: Download
- Magny Course GP v1.1: Download
- Montreal 2013 v1.0: Download
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Feb 26, 2011
Session + Briefing Info:
Every race will have 5 sessions. Before each race, there will be a MANDATORY briefing on TeamSpeak. Each driver is obligated to be present there. Not being present during the briefing is reason to cancel the signup for the league. Details about the briefing will be announced in the threads for each round.
Further, each race will feature a Practice, Qualification, Warm-Up and Race session.

Briefing: 5 - 10 minutes starts at 17:50 GMT
Practice: 30 minutes starts at 18:00 GMT
Qualification (SuperPole): 20 minutes starts at 18:30 GMT
Warmup 1: 10 minutes starts at 18:50 GMT
Race 1: Based on laps (maximum allowed time is 15 minutes) starts at 19:00 GMT
Warmup 2: 10 minutes starts at 19:20 GMT
Race 2: Based on laps (maximum allowed time is 25 minutes) starts at 19:30 GMT (Top 10 are reversed).
Feb 26, 2011
Points table:
P01 – 22 pts
P02 - 20
P03 - 18
P04 - 16
P05 - 14
P06 - 13
P07 - 12
P08 - 11
P09 - 10
P10 - 9
P11 - 8
P12 - 7
P13 - 6
P14 - 5
P15 - 4
P16 - 2
P17 - 2
P18 - 2
P19 - 2
P20 - 2
P21 - 1
P22 - 1
P23 - 1
P24 - 1

Pole Position = 1 points

Drivers must complete 90% of the race in order to score points.

The top 5 Drivers in the championship will be awarded a weight penalty before each event.
Feb 26, 2011
This is the most important part of the league briefing drivers need to understand! If your application to drive the in league is accepted, we expect you to be present during all races of the season unless you provide an absence report with a valid excuse to the staff. If you happen to miss out on an event and go missing in action afterwards without giving any notice the race staff reserve the rights to terminate your licensed member status on RaceDeparment.

In cases where the rules have been broken, it is up to the drivers to report the violation. The staff encourages this and will only investigate incidents that are reported by drivers.

Cutting will be monitored by the staff member present at each event, and will be penalised after each event.

No incident report = no investigation = no penalty

A report can be sent to the staff via private message to Xavier de Carvalho.

Incident reports must contain the following:
o Name of the league: VWSR - Clio S4
o The name of the reported driver (the violator)
o A link to a youtube or vimeo movie/video file that shows the incident from various angles and perspectives.
o A short description of the incident, without rant, along with the timestamp.

You must always send the report with your own forum account. You can only send a report if you were actually in the race. Reports from an outsider will be not be taken into account.
After the report is sent and recieved, the staff will then investigate the incident. Incomplete reports will not be taken into consideration.

Reports must be sent between 1-3 days after the finish of the race. No sooner and no later. Reports that come in early or late will not be considered.

Finger pointing, as well as naming and shaming other competitors or staff will not be tolerated! A penalty of 5 championship points will be docked to the offending person, said person would also not be allowed to participate in qualifying for the next event.
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