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VSCC S3 | League Information

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Jun 29, 2013

Race Department Virtual Stock Car Championship
Season: 3 (2015)
Sim Required: Game Stock Car Extreme
Grid Size: 28

Welcome to the third season of the Race Department Virtual Stock Car Championship, back after a long hiatus! This championship will consist of five rounds and a pre-season test.


VSCC S3 will begin in May 2015.

Pre-Season Quali - Sat 2 May 2015 - Brasilia Full
R1 - Sat 9 May 2015 - Cascavel
R2 - Sat 16 May 2015 - Taruma
R3 - Sat 23 May 2015 - Goiania
R4 - Sat 30 May 2015 - Cordoba
R5 - Sat June 6 2015 - Jacarepagua 2005

Race Schedule

Practice: Open all day of the event
Qualifying: 19:05 GMT (15 minutes, unlimited laps)
Warm Up: 19:20 GMT (3 minutes)
Race: 19:25 GMT (50 minutes).

Sign Up

This is a premium only league. Any premium members of RaceDepartment can apply for one of the places in the league. Sign-ups are on a first come basis. Drivers not on the immediate list will be placed on the reserves list. You do not need to be an alien to participate, all skill levels are welcome and you will likely find other drivers to battle with. Reserve drivers will be welcomed into events as and when a slot opens. If you previously failed on your commitment to a GSC league (didn’t report absent, failed to inform staff of withdrawing from league), you will automatically be placed in the reserves list regardless of your sign up date.

Pre-Requisite: If you are new to the GSC scene at RD, or you are not a regular attendee to our races, you must participate in a V8 Stock Car race in the Game Stock Car club between April 1st and 24 hours before the Pre-Season Test. When you sign up you will be informed via PM if this applies to you; it has nothing to do with checking your skill level – it is in order to familiarize you with the races at RD to ensure clean racing when it comes to the league. Experience has shown us that some drivers are ill-prepared to jump immediately into a league environment.

You may sign up as a team, or as an individual driver. The league will include a drivers and team championship. Maximum number of drivers per team is 2.

Details about how to sign up are in the sign up thread. Do not sign up unless you can make all 5 rounds and the pre-season test.

Cars and Skins

All drivers will use the V8 Stock Car 2014, with a choice of the Chevrolet or Peugeot. The cars are identical performance-wise. When you sign up, you may submit a skin to @Davy Vandevenne ensuring that all files are in working order. Please provide a download link; do not request an email address. If you do not have a skin, you will be provided with one; you should indicate your preference when signing up from those available. Skins should be submitted by the end of April 26th 2015 (GMT) – any skins submitted after this date will not be included. A skin pack will be made available for download shortly after.

Download the skin template here. Do not move the logos. You may design the body of the vehicle; all windows will be created by the staff to ensure they all use the same design. Ask your skinning questions, share pictures of your skins, and talk anything skin related in the appropriately named Skins Thread.

Points Structure

Position - Points
1st - 55
2nd - 52
3rd - 50
4th - 48
5th - 46
6th - 45
7th - 44
8th - 43
9th - 42
10th - 41
11th - 40
12th - 39
13th - 38
14th - 37
15th - 36
16th - 35
17th - 34
18th - 33
19th - 32
20th - 31
21st - 30
22nd - 29
23rd - 28
24th - 27
25th - 26
26th - 25
27th - 24
28th - 23
29th - 22
30th - 21
31st - 20
32nd - 19
33rd - 18
34th - 17
35th - 16
36th - 15
37th - 14
38th - 13
39th - 12
40th - 11
41st - 10
42nd - 9
43rd - 8
44th - 7
45th - 6
46th - 5
47th - 4
48th - 3
49th - 2
50th - 1

You must complete 75% of the race to be eligible for points. All races will begin with a standing start, without a formation lap. Refueling and tyre changes are permitted, but not required. Although written for the Formula Vees, the pit stop guide here contains useful information if you're unfamiliar with pitting. Fuel and tire wear will be normal 1x. Assists will not be available except for auto-clutch.

How does it work?
There will be two servers running consecutively (with one overall championship table). The pre-season test will split the drivers into two servers based on fastest lap time. The fastest 28 drivers will be placed in server 1 for the first race, and everyone else in server 2.
  • At the end of each race, the bottom 5 finishers in Server 1 get relegated to Server 2 for the next round.
  • At the end of each race, the top 5 finishers in Server 2 get promoted to Server 1 for the next round.
  • Points and results are server independent (i.e. if you finish 1st in Server 2, the most points you can get are for 29th overall, even if there are DNFs in Server 1).
  • Only server 1 will be broadcast
  • At the end of the league, your worst result will be removed, meaning even if you have a bad race, you can still compete.
Pre-Season Quali
The pressure is on. On Saturday 2nd May 2015 the pre-season qualification event will take place, and will be broadcast.
  • The event starts at 19:00 GMT and will last one hour.
  • You may show up at any time during the event to put in your laps.
  • All drivers have a maximum of 5 laps - one out lap, 3 hot laps, and one in lap. Keep an eye on your lap count! Leaving the garage counts as a lap even if you escape and go back in.
  • Text chat during this event is forbidden. This will be strictly enforced. Any text chat of any sort during the event will be penalised by having your fastest lap removed, and your second fastest time being used instead.
  • At the end of the event, drivers will be assigned a server for race 1 based on their fastest lap time.
  • DQs will be counted. If you DQ, you'll be placed at the bottom of the list.
When you sign up, you are agreeing to be present during all races of the season unless you provide an absence report with a valid excuse to the staff. Absences need to be reported at least 24 hours in advance. Failure to do so will automatically lead to a 2 point penalty regardless of the reason, and may result in exclusion from future leagues. If you happen to miss out on an event and go missing in action without giving any notice, the race staff reserve the rights to suspend you from racing at RaceDepartment for a period of time. Report you absences in the Absence Thread.


VSCC Season 3 will be governed by the rules here. Please review these rules prior to the pre-season test. The only difference to these rules are that if you cause an incident and disadvantage another driver, you do not need to wait as the incident can be reported after the race and necessary penalties will be applied.

Additionally, each race will have a designated “red zone” which will automatically be investigated by race control. Incidents that occur in this red zone will be penalized more so than an identical incident that occurs elsewhere. This is to encourage clean starts to races.

No text chat may occur during the qualifying or the race sessions. Any chat such as to wish competitors luck should be done in the practice session. Text chat in qualifying or race sessions will result in a 5 second penalty, per infringement, being applied to the final race standings.

Track limits will be enforced. Keep 2 wheels inside the lines at all times. It is impossible to watch everyone’s 50 minute race to check track limits, so you are encouraged to report incidents where you were overtaken because someone broke track limits. A points penalty will be applied if you are judged to be racing without attempting to stick to the track limits. Additionally, drivers are encouraged to report incidents where they feel they were overtaken by someone breaching track limits.

When pitting, do not cross the white border on pit entry or exit. Infringements will lead to points deductions.


In cases where the rules have been broken, it is up to the drivers to report the violation (unless occurring in a designated red zone). The staff encourages this and will only investigate incidents that are reported by drivers. Send your incident reports via PM to @Nox within 3 days of the race and they will be reviewed by a number of staff members to ensure impartiality.

Incidents not submitted in time will not be considered. Incidents reported by people who were not in the race will not be considered. No incident report = no investigation = no penalty.

Incident reports must contain the following:
  1. Name of the league: VSCC S3
  2. The name of the reported driver (the violator)
  3. A link to a video that shows the incident from various angles and perspectives.
  4. A short description of the incident, without rant.
You must always send the report with your own forum account. After the report is sent and received, the staff will investigate the incident. The final staff decision on each incident is final. Please respect the staff decision and do not waiver on your commitment to the league should you receive a penalty you dislike.

Finger pointing, swearing, as well as naming and shaming other competitors or staff will not be tolerated! Incidents reported outside of a PM are also not permitted. This will be strictly enforced and a penalty of 5 championship points will be applied to the offending person.

Test Event

On Saturday 2 May 2015, a pre-season test will be held at Brasilia. The purpose of this event is to ensure all the skins work properly, to ensure your graphics etc. are correctly set, for the broadcasting team to test, etc. It is better to iron out bugs in the test event than have an incident in the league proper. Despite no points on offer, drivers are expected to be present just as any other round.

Now that you have read all the league information, you may sign up here.
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