VR With Oculas Rift

Hi All

Just trying out a friends Ocular Rift in AC, never seen a VR kit before. I love it , but, there seems to be almost like a screen over the view, like I'm looking at an old game screen. So my question is , is this normal with all VR headsets, Is the Rift just old.
Now my problem is I'm a photographer, picture is everything, 4k is even better!

Are the newer VR headsets clearer, how should they compare to looking at an HD monitor with AC?

I've read a few articles here on VR setup, and watched some videos on the same, the VR setup works great, I just see the screen seems to be made up of horz lines like an old CRT monitor.

Is there VR systems that look like a LCD screen?
Am I missing something in my Setup?

Cheers MH


Hi, I think the newer headsets have better resolution. I have a rift CV, does look a bit grainy. bought it to try vr without spending a wad of cash to find out i didn't like it/made me feel sick. Very impressed overall with VR. Just waiting for the Decagear to be released in Q3 of this year. The rift has 1200x1080 Pixels per eye whereas the decagear and most newer vr have 2160x2160.