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VR setup - do I need to have the computer near the seat?

Hi -

finally got everything setup, even did a few laps late at night, and became extremely sick... sweaty and dizzy, haha, I will get used to it, so not worried... I only have time on weekends to mess around with this stuff.

My big question is this - I have the F1 PlaySeat, which is really low to the ground and not aht easy to get in and out from. Ill deal with it... but do I need to have the PC monitor, mouse and keyboard next to the seat, like within arms reach? My first go round, it seemed like I did...

I am hoping, I can initialize the race session. Then go to the seat, put on the VR and do everything in the VR... is this not possible?



There are few racing games that are fully VR capable. Most require some input from a keyboard or mouse.

Dirt Rally absolutely needs a keyboard. In fact any button mappings to a steering wheel or button box don't take place until after you've hit the keyboard Enter key.

Assetto Corsa needs a keyboard and only supports playing in VR, but little else. You will also need to take your headset off.

Project Cars 2 has the best VR user interface I've seen yet. Once you have everything configured it allows you to look at menu options and places a cross hair there that will blink 3 times on the option and then execute.

I've not seen any that support VR hand controls.

I keep my wireless keyboard and a trackball mouse on a folding table, but my seat is higher than yours. You will probably need to setup some flat surface.

I've had good luck with the Logitech 2.4GHz USB unifying receiver. It's a chicklet sized USB device that pairs with any number of Logitech devices that support it. It has a 33 foot range, but it is basically line of sight. You can't plug the receiver into the back of your computer. The Keyboard and track mouse I have are supposed to run a couple years on a battery.

I would recommend going wireless so you don't worry about how far you are from the computer.

I'm using these which are $27 and $30 and they share a single wireless adapter.