VR just went batsh*t

hey folks.

Been having some issues with AC and VR using the Oculus Rift S. Jumped into an offline race today and when the lights went out....no smoke. But approximately 20 meters down the road, all cars on the grid started throwing smoke like a 5-alarm fire. And they didn’t stop. At all. I pulled over and took a video with my phone of the mayhem on the screen. It’s at the end of this post.

Couple things I have tried to narrow this down:

1. It does NOT happen while playing on monitor. Only VR.

2. It does it even if I turn the smoke generation setting to off (in Settings/AC/Video).

3. It did it with both mod cars/tracks and cars/tracks included by Kunos.

4. It did the same thing launching AC directly from the Kunos Program.

I’ve only done practice with VR in the past. But I now recall getting a glimpse in my mirrors the other day and there was a ton of smoke behind me.

Any thoughts on what I can try to figure this out?

Any help is much appreciated.


Looks like a misconfiguration or a bug in the Shaders Patch. Uninstall it or reset the settings.

Thanks so much for the reply.

I'm new to AC and have used CM (and Sol/CSP) from the get-go, so I honestly didn’t even consider that the custom shaders patch was part of the Kunos launcher too. But now that I think about it, I guess both launchers are pulling their data from the same folders, correct? So seeing this issue in both launchers would make sense.

I'll go through the CSP settings area and see if I can narrow it down. I'll try a Reset if nothing jumps out. If that doesn't work, do you know of a clean way to uninstall the shaders patch?

After finding so many mods available when I first got AC, and downloading a ton of stuff I now realize I don't need, a clean install probably would not be the worst thing. Now that I've run the game a bunch I could selectively download just the apps/mods I know I'd be using. That would help keep the app cleaner and with fewer things to sift through.

Appreciate the help.

Extra FX, Smoke (WIP), disable it.

Andrew is officially THE MAN!

For anyone having this issue, I found the setting in Content Manager/settings/CSP/ParticlesFX.

Now back to trying to figure out why I have a randomly flashing gear icon in VR unless I keep the Sol app open while driving.... May have some connection to Sidekick, which I’ve grown accustomed to. So I need to suss that out as well.

Appreciate the help!

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