VR Headset and audio setup


I still don't own a RV headset and I have some doubts about the sound. To owners of Oculus, HTC Vive, etc. can you explain how these devices receive the audio signal? I understand that both have headphones included, but can you unplug them or disable the sound? Or... can you use your own headphones and the headset at the same time? If you have a good set or speakers or a home cinema, do you prefer using the speakers or the integrated headphones? In my case I have an AV receiver. The sound is sent to it via HDMI and from there to a TV screen and to a set of 5.1 speakers.
I found the perfect RV headset:
The sound comes through hdmi. The Rift the headphones are detachable and you can use your own through the on board sound card.
I tried my Seinheisser 598s and was surprised that in game I didn’t feel they were much better than the Rift headphones. Oculus did a good job here.

Steve D

During the waking hours I prefer cranking up the audio on my 5.1 system and piping Crewchief through the Rift headset. I enjoy the immersion that provides. At night or when I’m asked to “keep it down a bit,” I put all audio through the Rift and without changing from 5.1 in game, which performs surprisingly well in my opinion. As a result my quality headphones have become redundant and ‘gather dust.’ :)

For info, yep you can remove the headphones from the Oculus and if required, swap them out for their own buds, (available separately), which also work very well.


You can have both output the same, or different sound as it's two different sound devices. You can remove the headphones as well and use your own. But I wouldn't suggest using external speakers because they do not move with your head. There is different positional perseption between view and sound like that. But it's also not that important as it would be with a fp shooter.


The Rift has one cable that carries both sound and video. Well, I say 'one' cable when in fact its 2 but bound together (with HDMI and USB plugs on the end). As others said they have great sounding headphones that are also positional (meaning if you have a sound behind you and turn your head the sound will now be to your side). These headphones are comfortable but also easily detachable if you wish to use your own.

The Vive uses 2 separate (I believe) cables for the video and does not some with headphones as they are an optional extra. If you do get them then that is a third cable going to your headset.
I have also heard that these headphones sound great too, but have not used them.


I use separate earbuds plugged into my monitor port that's mounted to my rig. I've tried wireless earbuds I use while I train with my phone but when they connect to the PC bluetooth the inexplicably fail to maintain a quality connection. So I've resorted to my earbuds physically connected. I hate the Oculus earphones, they make my head too hot and I prefer the immersion the earbuds give me with noise cancelling capabilities. I have a high end Sehnheiser headphone but they are pretty much used for music only and would provide the same heat that the Rift earphones do, if not more.


Now I'm using my 5.1 speakers together with headphones, which I have plugged to the central channel of my AV Receiver. The effect is pretty cool in Dirt Rally, because you can hear the engine, surfaces and ambient sound but at the same time the codriver's instructions directly on your ears and with good clarity and volume, just like with a real intercom. When I upgrade to a VR headset I suppose I will keep on using this setup.

I'd lilke also to use this idea with CrewChief in Assetto Corsa, but for some reason it's not working for me. I press the start button and hear the "radio check" sample, but the game doesn't start. If I start it manually then, I cannot hear the radio sounds during an offline race.