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Volvo Arrives as Free DLC for American Truck Sim

Paul Jeffrey

RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief
Everyone loves a Volvo, right? Well if you are a Volvo fancier, and player of American Truck Sim then today is your lucky day - the Volvo VNL has been added as new, free content!

The future inclusion of Volvo in the latest trucking simulation from SCS Software has been a long known fact, however it has seemingly taken far more time and effort for the development team to realise that highly prestigious manufacturer licence into something tangible in sim - until today!

ATS Volvo VNL 2.jpg

Releasing to American Truck Simulation today as a brand new piece of free content, the Volvo VNL will come in three different variations - the 300, 730 and 780 have all been made available to use within the title, and as with any good truck in either ETS2 or ATS, you can expect a wealth of customisation options on offer for all three variations of the iconic Swedish model.

ATS Volvo VNL 3.jpg

With the deal to secure Volvo in ATS complete and the truck live in the title, SCS Software expect this to be a first of hopefully many new models for both ATS and ETS2, the developers stating on the VNL release blog "This is only a start; with the manufacturer now officially on board, we can all hope that the road to include their latest and greatest will not be as long and bumpy..." Exciting times ahead...

ATS Volvo VNL 5.jpg

Using this new content announcement as a platform to share a little insight into the future of both titles, SCS remain positive that this new piece of content is just the beginning of much more to come in both ATS and ETS 2:

"This year, we maximized our efforts to sign more brands for our games - and we have achieved success on several fronts. Further fruits of our discussions with the transportation industry should come in the future, so please, consider today's game update as an early treat!"
ATS Volvo VNL 1.jpg

American Truck Simulator and European Truck Simulator 2 are available to purchase for PC right now. Additional DLC packs for both games can be picked up from the respective Steam store page.

ATS Volvo VNL 4.jpg

Like to go big rigging across the highways of the USA? Fancy sharing your experiences with your fellow community members and taking in all the latest news regarding both games? Well join up with our European Truck Sim 2 and American Truck Sim sub forums and get involved with the community today!

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Happy to see a much needed new brand added to ATS? Pleased with the Volvo? What other brands would you like to see in ATS? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!
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Took the Volvo for a short testdrive yesterday and was a very happy trucker :) I've put in a lot of hours (way more than i dare to admit...) in ETS2 since 2014 and ATS since it was released and it's amazing how SCS just keeps on supporting and bringing new stuff to both titles. With each release - be it a new map, truck or trailer model - they keep improving and polishing the quality over and over again. Great work again SCS! :thumbsup:
Volvo made a good truck irl actually, and has standed up in Canada pretty well. It's my goto truck in ETS 2 because of price and power.:coffee:

*BTW, Kenworth T800 is the best built truck available. Just sayin.:sneaky: