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Volunteers needed for beta test of new Arca client

Discussion in 'ARCA Sim Racing' started by The Sim Factory, Aug 19, 2009.

  1. The Sim Factory

    The Sim Factory

    The new client is just about ready, and we need some folks to test things for us and ensure what's there is working properly. This client is the first stage of migration towards all the details I listed a few months back (Logon/Stats/Ranks, etc ...).

    This client is delivering the exact same stage of patched sim (1.146) as the older client, so you will be compatible with the servers as they are now, and you will not have any extra content than regular users have now. IronDog's car set is available in it, but unless the server has the set, these cars will be incompatible with online racing. If you are a server owner and would like to run a public server allowing the car skins you can contact me and I will help you get setup. PLEASE indicate you are hosting 2009 car skins to avoid confusion for others.

    We are working on a video documentary to explain the details of the client, but for now, it's basically self explanatory.

    Specific details:

    • Client installs & defaults to a new directory (Arca Sim Racing), do not install into existing directory of old installer (Arca 08, you can make a new area other than default though
    • Client runs as a service now, you may receive a firewall or other prompt at launch, just acknowledge and accept the new service
    • Client will read existing license info, no new activation is required
    • Uninstallation of the old client is not needed, but can be done after successful install of this one.
    • Client requires you to be completely patched up in WindowsUpdates, still works through .Net framework
    • If you receive an error such as Missing files or such, please manually run and install all .Net supplements in WindowsUpdate
    • Beta testers should use the thread I'll start in Arca Leverage forum area at www.ArcaSimCentral.com to report findings, errors & experiences. Please be complete, provide operating system info, patch level, and steps taken to remediate or correct if you find things out as well.
    • Please use the client when launching and using Arca Sim so we can gauge its reliability, performance and get a feel for whether or not further tweaking is needed
    If you are interested, and willing to take the time to report experience with the product as listed above, please contact me at: bz[at]thesimfactory.com with this

    "I would like to BETA test the new Arca Client" exactly as written between quotes.

    In the email body, please state your full name, email used to register Arca, and any league affiliation you may be involved with for Arca Sim currently.

    Also include this text:

    Email must use digital signature and acceptance of all above listed items

    Thanks for all your support so far, and continued support going forward as we continue to improve and expand our simulation.

    The Sim Factory
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