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VoCore Screen crashes my USB Wheel

Hi guys,
does anyone here use a VoCore screen as a dashboard?
I have my VoCore yesterday the first time connected to the PC where it was recognized thanks to the appropriate drivers also directly in Simhub. I tested it with Assetto Corsa where the telemetry is displayed as it should be. So far so good.
Unfortunately, I now have the problem that as soon as I plug in the VoCore and am in AC in the pit lane or generally in the simulation, the buttons of my USB wheel (Polsimer) are no longer recognized. As soon as I exit AC and plug in the wheel again, everything works fine again. Until I go back to the track with VoCore enabled.
Without VoCore there are no problems.
Has anyone ever observed this or suspected what the problem might be?
I have not tested other sims yet. But I have tried different USB ports.
Have you tried monitoring device manager while you have the devices plugged in? Perhaps they are trying to claim the same resource whether that be com port or what have you.