VLN or 24H Series skins?

24H Series or VLN Skins

  • 24H Series

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  • VLN Skins

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Ez Robson

Aug 21, 2015
So after making 30 or so 24H Series skins as that is how many pit/grid spots a lot of AC tracks can host I'm not sure wether to continue making 24H series skins or jump to VLN skins. Obviously with one mod for the Nordschleife you can have 120 cars but I'm not too sure how many people can actually run that :roflmao: my only gripe with doing VLN skins is I mainly enjoy multi class racing however the track is so long lapped traffic doesn't really play a part unless you're doing a super long race so I'm interested to see what the community wants.
Jul 8, 2017
If i had to choose between those 2 i rather take VLN even tho i enjoy multiclass races very much. Would be cool to create custom VLN Championship. Thanks for your excellent skins so far. Hope to see more of them in the future :)
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Jul 8, 2017
I believe enkay was planning on making VLN skins. You might wanna contact him if you decide to do VLN. Not much point 2 people making same skin pack i think