Sell Vive Lighthouse 1.0 & Vive Controller

Steve D

United Kingdom

I'm selling a single Vive Lighthouse 1.0 base station and compatible Vive Wand controller.

Both items are in perfect condition and full working order and in their original packaging and fully support the HTC Vive, Vive Pro, Pimax 5k+/8k and the recently released Valve Index. I've successfully used both with the Pimax and Index.

Only selling as my Index came with Lighthouse 2.0 so the 1.0 version, which is approx 4 months old is now surplus to requirements. The wand is less than a month old but unfortunately isn't compatible with the newer lighthouse. In that time I've only used it to access the SteamVR Dashboard so it's not been used and abused in anger. :)

Purchased new together, you're looking at around £240.00.

I'm looking for £155.00 incl. free postage, if shipped within the UK mainland.


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