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  1. Mohamedou Ari

    Mohamedou Ari
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    I have Microsoft Visual C++ Express 2010 on my computer, and I want to find some Getting Started tutorials to improve my novice programming skills.

    After I acquire my Security certification, I plan to hit hard on programming by learning C, Java, HTML, C++, maybe C#, and, when I have gained vast programming experience, I will start learning Python.

    What are some good resources?

    EDIT - This non-profit organisation, CompTIA, is widely recognised by all IT and technology companies. Their certificates are entry level in the IT industry.

    Much of this stuff is overlooked in colleges and universities; computer science, though, covers much of advanced material, but, it assumes you know the ins-and-outs of computers in terms of hardware and software.
  2. Casper de Wit

    Casper de Wit

    Computer Science doesnt really assume you know that stuff. They do teach it to you, and then you go full theoretical on it. Quite interesting really(CompSci).

    The way I see it is that you are better of starting with python. Its much easier to get into then C/C++. Note that python is a wrapper of sorts around C and you can acces all of the C function. its just that you wont be having problems with memory management. Unless you want to, I have seen some neat things in python that did memory/assembly tricks.

    After Python go to C#/Java/C++, whichever one you prefer. C# and Java are alike in some ways, C++ is quite different from both of them. Then tackle C/Assembly, Dont forget Assembly, its good fun but different from anything you have done before.

    Also note that you dont learn to program in year, 2 years, or even four. It takes ten(10) years before you can program good. So, dont rush it, take it all in, even if you dont understand it at first and just have fun!!

    Oh, and sometimes it easier learing C++ with just a simple notepad editor and a compiler(GCC for example). it takes away the whole IDE and shows you HOW it works instead of hiding everything behind dialogue's. Also experiment with different operating systems, it can give you new insights and its always nice to know your way around the many systems you will find in a IT career.

    Python beginners tutorial/guide: