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Virus pCARS2.exe

Discussion in 'Project CARS 2' started by dreamer al, Oct 21, 2017.

  1. dreamer al

    dreamer al

    Kaspersky for some reason is identifying the "pCars2.exe" file as a virus and then deletes the file. I have started Steam and had the file reinstalled. However when restarting game, same thing happens....deletes!!
    I am not sure how this will or can be fixed. I am hoping if enough people know about it and create a fuss, it may get fixed. Yes, i am a dreamer....lol.
    PS. This same thing happened with Assetto Corsa sometime ago. Again it was Kaspersky. Very odd
  2. Andy_J

    PC Veteran Gamer and Biker. Premium

    Get rid of kasperky then? There are numerous free options that work better. This the first time I have heard about this problem though. You do have a legit version?:whistling::cool:
  3. Jempy


    I had the same problem happening with Automobilista, Rfactor 2 and even Fanaleds using Norton.
    The only solution provided was ask Symantec to test and declare them "False Positive" ( what they were of course ) BUT .......

    At every update with a new .exe, the problem began again and again !
    NB: in fact, there's something in them looking like ( but not being ) a Trojan.
    Since they are not able to find the difference between a Trojan and a look-like-a-Trojan, our dear protectors became paranoic .... " we dont know the difference !.....so we delete " :whistling::devilish::poop:

    The only solution I found was:
    1) restore the files without allowing to check them again
    2) unactivate the Heuristic analysis ( Norton ... but there's surely something similar in Kaspersky ).

    When having a look at Virus Total .... maybe 5 or 6 antivirus consider them as ... positive at the start..... choose another security software is surely the only solution.
  4. Kyle Pearson

    Kyle Pearson

    The patching mechanism that most of these titles use is what's causing the issue. Most of them use byte patching which modifies the executable. To A/V, this appears to be something infecting the file. Just whitelist the folders or turn your A/V into a report mode so it reports what is suspect without actually doing any action until you confirm it.