Virtual rearview mirrors

Will Marquez

Had a quick question about the virtual mirrors. In the FSR rule book it reads this...

 Virtual Rearview In Cockpit="0"
 Record Replays="1"
 Save All Replay Sessions="1"
 Replay Fidelity="4"
 Super Player Replay="1"
 Allow Chat In Car="1"

Do we enable virtual rearview mirrors in our PLR file by changing the 0 to 1? Or do we have to use the onboard sideview mirrors which I have a hard time viewing thru. Spoke with Dennis about this, but just wanted to clear this up to make sure before race day.

Thanks :)
Yes, you change the 0 in to a 1, btw I think the rulebook says Virtual Rearview In Cockpit="1" as well.

Make sure you have this setting as well to have all 3 virtual mirrors enabled on the top of the screen:


Will Marquez

Thanks Mikko.

In the FSR rulebook it was listed as Virtual Rearview In Cockpit = "0", so that's why I was a bit confused. Thanks again for clearing it up.
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