Virtual Motorsports Closedown!

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    I got this email this morning notifying that Virtual Motorsports Closedown!
    VM is where I got into online racing even though I switched from the XBox to PC and stopped racing there, I did not expected this established community would become extinct. I guess that the Forza 4 Community did not take on Forza 5 in such big numbers and I can only assume that there was quite a few folks like me switched to PC!

    It Has Been Memorable!

    The final sign-off for Virtual Motorsports is tonight, as the domain lease will run out shortly and will not be renewed. Many will agree it is time for the doors to close on Virtual Motorsports after a rather quiet period, a period where I myself have lost all interest and drive for one of the most addictive and interesting hobbies I may ever have. What started as a project on the back of the IFCA closing, myself and Chilledheat (Ash) grew to love every inch of Virtual Motorsports as we used it to enjoy time with our favourite console racing games and people.

    I would like to extend my personal and heart-warming thanks to the community of Virtual Motorsports from racers, to Moderators, Stewards, fellow Admin & Developers, Lobby Hosts and Event Organisers, whom without Virtual Motorsports would not have been anywhere close to the place we knew it to be. Unfortunately though, we have chosen to close the site due to a large miriad of variables and considerations which can be mostly boiled down to, ''real life coming first''.

    The site will go offline one day, soon, but the Facebook page will remain if people want to still connect, outside of Xbox Live.
    No fancy graphics this time, just words as is. It has been an honour to share the past 4 years. The racing, the laughs, the artwork, stories, media, tales, competition, knowledge, etc etc. All of it will remain in my head, and perhaps in the future I can share more races with you somewhere else. Project Cars, iRacing, Forza 9. Whatever the future may bring. As ever, take care guys, and look out for one another.

    RSR Hellbringer (XBL)
    1mmortal97 (Steam)