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Virtual Mirror Vertical Offset

Just a quick post to share something I discovered recently. I couldn't find anything about this anywhere, so thought it might be useful for others.

I run a 32:9 monitor (Samsung G9) and have been experimenting with triple monitor mode Vs single mode with projection correction. Annoyingly, when I run high levels of protection correction, the virtual mirror falls off the top of the screen.

It turns out that the hud config file (in Documents/Assetto Corsa Competizione), has a line for "virtual mirror vertical offset". Setting this to about 5 brings the mirror back down to a visible position for me with Fov 34 and projection correction 0.7.
Oh my god! In the same file I found the line to resize the virtual mirror. Because of my FOV of 27 using the Ferrari was always troublesome because I couldn't see the in car mirror correctly, and using the virtual mirror took way too much of my screen. You can resize the virtual mirror by adjusting the "virtualMirrorSize": option. I took it down from 0.15 to 0.12 and it makes all the difference!


Has anyone found a way of getting rid of the visible vertical lines and non equal lighting on a virtual triple? I'm running a g9 and find it most off putting
I switched single monitor mode with Projection Correction enabled (in the View Options) and it's just like fake triples without the lines :)