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Virtual BMW M235i Racing Cup - Round 1: Silverstone (Live Stream)

Daiman Patel

rFactor 2 Technical Assistant
Staff member
Jun 4, 2011
VBRC Round 1 Silverstone Flyer.png

After months of preparation, the inaugural season of the Virtual BMW M235i Racing Cup is finally here! This highly anticipated league, run in Assetto Corsa, will see some of the best sim-racers battle it out in a single-make competition to become the VBRC champion. And such has been the interest, races shall be ran on two servers. The first event will be on Wednesday 3rd June 2015, and there will be a live web stream for viewers across the world.

The first meeting of the season will be at one of the most renowned race tracks in the UK, and arguably Europe; Silverstone, set in the Northamptonshire county of England, will play host to a 24 and 19 strong grid of testosteronic BMWs and their drivers. The layout of choice will be the International Circuit, which breaks away from the GP configuration after Village Corner, at The Loop, and rejoins via The Link heading on to the Hangar Straight.

The format for this event will be a single 28-lap race, preceded by a 15 minute open qualifying session. And we're expecting an evening filled with action and excitement.

Watch the live stream on Wednesday!
We will be bringing you full, live coverage of qualifying and the race, with commentary courtesy of Yuri Kasdorp and R.J. O'Connell, from 18:45 GMT onwards.

You will be able to watch the event live, and also join in with the conversation, on our live stream page featuring the popular chat-box.

Who are the favorites?
It might be a tad too early to say, however there are several stand out drivers who are expected to perform well over the course of the coming weeks, in this 4 round series. MadCape Racing have the experience and speed of Hany Alsabti and his team mate Jack Keithley, both of whom topped the time sheet in the pre-qualifying session. They were very closely followed by Niki Djakovic of Team Vires. The top-3 were separated by a gap of less than half a second, with over a second gap to fourth, after which the mid-pack is very well and closely matched.

Don't forget to check out the the full entry list of teams and drivers, as well as further details about the upcoming race.