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MGP19 Vinales skin mod issue

hey all!

im working on a yamaha classic paintsceme mod
The Bike and the dainese Skins for rossi and the custom rider are already done.
But now i stuck on an issue painting the suit of vinales.
The Suit is painted and in the mod, but doesnt Shows in the game?

Has anyone tried to mod vinales suit and experienced the same problem?
Hey calico i do have the same problem with moto3 rider migno.

Masia and custom rider with both suit's are in the game but migno remains with his original suit.

And i did modded him and put them all together in the pak file.

I've tried a lot to fix that problem but it hasn't worked.

I thought i did something wrong but you do have the same issue like me.

( me with migno, you with vinales )
can you try to create a mod for vinals? use a plane white skin without any logos, just for triying. I'll try to mod migno! maybe its a bug from milestone!