viewing mouse in full screen mode and some designer mouse tools

Discussion in 'Racer Problems & Fixes' started by mdbobbo, Aug 31, 2010.

  1. mdbobbo


    for months now I've missed the mouse in view when driving in full screen mode.
    here's how to fix that, quite simple really but never read about it:

    ; Resolution to play in
    fullscreen=1 ; mdbobbo testing for mouse visibility in full screen was 0
    ; Avoid screen switch? (takes 1 of height)
    near_fullscreen=1 ; mdbobbo what does this do was 0
    ; ................................. res code continues

    just set the near_fullscreen=1 and the mouse is visible again .... :bcar: ))))

    here's some mouse cursors I made a long time ago for art and text editing.
    The little cursor has unflat sides running from the tip @ horosontal and vertical are perfectly square so you can just see the line your setting up to (in the dip from the point) which is the controlling single pixel.
    the big cursor is also an exact 90 degrees with the controlling point at the cursor's point on one pixel.. good for our design work I think use how you like I suppose.

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