Vietnam Secures 2020 F1 Spot + First Drive Video

The city of Hanoi in Vietnam will host a Formula One Grand Prix from the 2020 season it has been announced, and we already have a mod track in Assetto Corsa!

Adding yet another street circuit to the Formula One scheduled, the FIA have today confirmed Vietnam capital city Hanoi will host the country's first Grand Prix during the 2020 season, with plans to develop a high speed city circuit having come to fruition in what is described as a "multi-year" deal with the Vietnamese.

The circuit is expected to be 3.458 miles in length, and has taken inspiration from several current Grand Prix locations as the promotors look to avoid producing a circuit devoid of overtaking opportunities, as appears to have been the case in recent additions to the Grand Prix calendar of late.

In something of an exceptionally cool move, the sim racing modding community have been rather quick off the mark, with RD community member @nothke having already created a mod version of the circuit, as can be seen in the 'Talk n Drive' video at the head of this article. Excellent stuff!

Chase Carey, Chairman and Chief Executive, Formula 1 said:

“We are delighted to announce that Hanoi will host a Formula 1 Grand Prix. Since we became involved in this sport in 2017, we have talked about developing new destination cities to broaden the appeal of Formula 1 and the Vietnamese Grand Prix is a realisation of that ambition. We are thrilled to be here in Hanoi, one of the most exciting cities in the world right now with such a rich history and an incredible future ahead of it. This is the perfect formula for Grand Prix racing and I look forward to this becoming a real highlight of the F1 calendar.

"Our Motosport team, working in collaboration with the City of Hanoi and promoter Vingroup, has worked to enable a circuit that will not only test the drivers but also ensure that our fans enjoy the racing spectacle. We are really looking forward to seeing Formula 1 cars speeding around the streets of this fantastic city from 2020.”

Hanoi Grand Prix.jpg

Nguyen Duc Chung, Chairman, City of Hanoi said:

“We are proud to be hosting the Formula 1 Vietnamese Grand Prix, and showcasing the city of Hanoi to the world with its special combination of ancient and moden beauty from 2020. It’s a further demonstration of Vietnam’s ability, as one of the fastest growing economies in the world to host events on a global scale and attract tourism to the country. It provides an opportunity for inward investment to Vietnam and importantly to bring the exciting wheel to wheel racing of Formula 1 to the people of Vietnam.”

Nguyen Viet Quang, Vice Chairman and CEO, Vingroup, Promoter said:

“We are excited to see that our work with Formula 1 to secure this deal has finally come to fruition. An essential part of this collaboration has been making sure that we not only showcase the city of Hanoi but also deliver an exciting race for Formula 1 fans in Vietnam and around the world. With the mission of “a better life for Vietnamese people”, Vingroup wants to bring this race to Vietnam because of the general benefits to the society such as more jobs will be created, the infrastructure of Hanoi will be upgraded, and other bigger worldwide events will be encouraged to take place in Vietnam. For Vingroup individually, through the F1 racing event, we are going to proclaim the first Vietnamese car manufacturer, VinFast, to millions of audiences in the world."

Hanoi Grand Prix 2.jpg

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Do you like the look of the Hanoi track? Do you think it will produce good racing in Formula One? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!
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Michael Lowe

Sep 27, 2011
First impression...awful. We shall see I guess.
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Oct 28, 2017
No other F1 track provides nice close racing, why would this one be any different?


Jun 6, 2016
I get that you like Vietnam @Thang Nguyen , but clicking on everyone post with disagree just because they have their own opinion is being a bit of a troll.
Then again you only fifteen.... , try Facebook or Instagram rather, maybe better suited for you.
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Durge Driven

Jun 17, 2017
"max verstappens popular and theres a huge amount of enthusiasm for bringing back the dutch gp, so lets build a bland street track in a country with no known links to f1 instead" - Yank Moustache Guy
Greedy Max has Redbull and Belgium fanbase :)
What about poor Kimi, they can go ice racing with studs

We never see a real road course again, environmental issues alone

Give me any US road course make F1 look funny


Jul 31, 2015
At least Avus had that beatiful big banked corner to alleviate the monotony :)

So... bets on how long this "track" will last before it's ditched, and seen as another ridiculously huge waste of money?

Nick Gregory

Forever a backmarker
Nov 27, 2015
At least this won't a permanent circuit that would just become a huge waste of space and money.

Dr. Death

Aug 22, 2017
I dont see anything wrong with straight lines. Even with DRS that means drivers will have to think hard about what aero setting to have, and just like with shangai, long straights + very small turns = quick tire degradation = more pit stops.