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Video of the Day: Honda's unraced F1 car

Jordan Adcock

Oct 27, 2014

With Honda joining the paddock in 2015, it's time to get nostalgic and check out this video of Honda's unraced 2000 Formula 1 racer.

Considering Honda is just returning to F1 with McLaren in 2015, it seems timely to look back at this little obscurity. It's Jos Verstappen testing the V10-powered RA099 at Mugello in 1999, meant as a precursor to a possible full entry the year after. It had competitive pace as well, until designer Harvey Postlethwaite's death meant the program was suddenly halted. Honda did return to supplying engines in 2000, and became a fully fledged team in the late-2000s, but here's a case of what might have been. Of the six tubs made, four made it to a racetrack, and the whereabouts of only one of those is known.

Click here to check out the video in the RaceDepartment gallery.
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Mark Aalberts

Mar 6, 2010
Still a shame that this project never saw the daylight, this was a promising car. I believe the first test was behind closed doors in Varano and after that they made some tests in Misano and/or Mugello, and they later made I think 2 tests in Jerez showing very promising pace and topping the charts. I think they where set for Barcelona testing when Harvey passed away, they then canceled the project. I believe they where set to test during the 1999 season and then enter the F1 grid in 2000

I believe one of the chassis is in the Honda museum, the other chassis I have no idea what happened with them.

I have a nice wallpaper of this car and a 1.43 Minichamps limited box edition. Great car but it just wasn't meant to be, from what I know and stories surrounding this car it had all potential to threat the top teams. Big shame it never made it to an F1 race.:(

23 January 1999, Jerez, Unofficial times

Verstappen (Honda) 1:26.61
Villeneuve (British American Racing) 1:27.55
Zonta (British American Racing) 1:29.04
Fisichella (Benetton) 1:29.06
Wurz (Benetton) 1.29.17
Herbert (Stewart) 1:30.52
Barrichello (Stewart) 1:31.44

24 January 1999, Jerez, Unofficial times

Verstappen (Honda) 1:26:04 17 laps
Villeneuve (BAR) 1:26:56 36 laps
Barrichello (Stewart) 1:26:63 18 laps
Zonta (BAR) 1:26:63 08 laps
Wurtz (Benetton) 1:28:05 06 laps
Redon (Benetton) 1:29:11 20 laps
Herbert (Stewart) 1:30:01 04 laps
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