Video Games Racing or Otherwise and Epilepsy


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Jan 5, 2016
Hi folks,
I've wanted to post something about this for a long time. Developers of video games please take note:

I understand that nothing looks greater than a good old thunderstorm with lightning but honestly is it a make or break feature?

Let's talk about racing sims since this is a racing sim site and forum. I've been involved in racing in the real world mostly as a spectator only but I think my observation is valid regardless. The real world does not race when there is lightning in the immediate area. Rain? Sure, it makes the race interesting but lightning is a threat to life and limb so races are suspended so track workers, fans and participants are not at risk. I've seen football games suspended and stadiums cleared until it passes so why have it in games?

Lightning in a sim is a threat to anyone with epilepsy. If you have the ability to turn it off then that's great. I'll take my rain w/o lightning please! But some younger people may not be aware that they have epilepsy and not all people so inflicted are aware that they have it initially or may not understand what is wrong with them if they blank every now and then (studies done years ago said 10% of all people have a form of epilepsy). Neurologists that have studied me can only go by my experiences. They cannot picture it and it can be life threatening.

My son recently gifted me Forza 7 and while it is not a true sim, it has millions of people playing it with no way to do career w/o the odd thunderstorm. When it happens I DNF and skip over it as a precaution.

TV and movies (especially in adverts) use a white flash to go from scene to scene. Same thing; it isn't necessary. There is no specific way to reach those groups but some try by posting a warning. It's rare but I've seen it. Posting it to a racing sim will keep some from playing but I don't think the developers want that. Rain is good, even thunder but lightning effects I can do w/o, at least in a racing game.

Thanks for listening
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