Vibration mounts


I recently added these to my rig . Rig sits on four of these mounts and has really stopped the vibration passing downstairs and to the rest of the house from my bass shakers.
Had to stabalize the rig also as these are obviously spring based but work really well to dampen the vibration.




Like i said i had to be a bit creative and stabalize the rig in the centre as these are spring based mounts but reallly stopped the transfer of vibration from an upstairs bedroom.

Mr Latte

I've seen these in the past and the different variants. They looked to be reasonably priced (for what they are) but it would be more interesting/helpful if you showed images of your rig with them installed and your tactile you are using.

Had you tried other solutions or specialist noise reduction/antivibration materials before buying these?
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I did try rubber mounts ,rubber Mats , antivibration mats and wood and a combination of all . I did get some dampening but it was still shaking the downstairs way to much. These have been my best solution .
I currently have two Reckhorn bass shakers mounted under seat and pedals but looking to add maybe 2 more so wanted a solution before problem got worse and the wife banned them lol !!
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