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VHR NASCAR Xfinity Mod update WIP by decpau

Got bored last week and loaded up Poopenshaples AMS NASCAR mods to play with. Man, what a fun bunch of cars to run road courses with! I'm a big fan of Rebellion's MX-5 cup and these are just as fun but with a lot more horsepower to manage. The only disappointment were the graphics in the Xfinity cars. ClimaxF1 did a great job on his update to fix that but his update was only for the CUP cars. I just didn't want to drive an SS, Fusion or Camry, so.... Spent a few nights repacking the MAS files and updating the gen files with ClimaxF1's AMS shaders and I now have the Xfinity cars in game with good graphics. I've run through updates to the base templates for some updated car graphics too (pics below). Can't do too much for the Toyota to make a Camry a Supra but I think it looks pretty good. Finished the update to the physics for the base Road Course car today. Have to work through the Oval car physics and then package it all up.


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I also love the cars when the feel for something like them comes... I really enjoy racing the trucks at Mendig 3 and 4, sebring, historic interlagos etc. I had hoped sometime ago that they would get a once over. Thanks for your boredom :D - i also do many things out of boredom, so, boredom is positive ;)