Vettel No Fan of new 'Shield' - 'Halo' Could Make a Comeback?


Finally, they did it.
Poorly. The new cars where so much more beautiful this season, it was going into the right direction. But this will be negotiated once more. Well done, Jean Todt. In this whole concept, this is the most stupid descision.


The unlucky Finn
Yeah...I was happy how the new cars looked, definitely heading in the right direction, then THIS


Jean Todt turns out to be the gravedigger of F1. :thumbsdown:
First those useless batteries, then those vacuum cleaner they call engine and now this...:sick: I watched F1 for decades... but now - I quit.

In past FIA kills all series which where more popular than FIA(Guess why they put 917/512 down, group C, yes it wasn`t the manufacturers alone and of course GT1) - with the 2020 LMP(battery only for the first 1000m after each pitstop) regulations he killed this class immedeatly...

Perhaps it`s time to wreck FIA!

We need out of FIA series again, like former BPR or Interseries.

FIA? No, thanks - we want racing!
How the car looks doesn't win races! If you want good looking cars, doll them up and stand them in a row and we can choose the winner and new champion by how sexy his car looks. Sounds stupid.
If the Halo or shield or whatever saves even one life, it's worth putting on the car! We all like to see the drivers go like hell, take chances etc. until..............then we all lament and moan about how something must be done. The horse is gone by then.
I'm not a FIA fanboy either but we blame them no matter what they do. Get over it!
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