HTC Vive

Very unstable ping during MP


Jun 17, 2011

When i'm racing online in assetto corsa, my ping usually around ~50. I live in The Netherlands with a fast internet connection and I race mostly on servers in Europe. I also have have a fast computer (GTX 970 - i5 6600K)

But sometimes, with yesterday (13-1-2016) in particular, my ping sometimes shoots up to more than +1000. With one occasion it going past 4000 ping. If this happens when i'm in the pits, I disconnect and reconnect to the same server, with my ping being around ~50 again.

But it can also happen during a race or qualifying. In which case all hell breaks loose and I get knocked of the track by a car that's nowhere near me.

It seems like my ping can be very unstable, What can I do to make it more stable?

What I already tried:
Browser is closed
No downloading
Was using WiFi but going to test with a cable.


Aug 1, 2015
I had similar high ping issues which dissapeared when many registry issues detected and fixed with spybot search and destroy software! you may need to check your pc for spyware/malware as well...
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