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Vertical sync on or off in SOL

Vertical sync on or off in SOL?
Goodmorning, can someone explain to me what to do, should i leave it on or off, as ive seen many videos en its kind of confusing, im using an 1070 and I7. But one says on the other says off, i have a 120hrtz screen. Thanks, and can you explain what it does ?
Maybe you've seen one of my vids on this ;)
Without going into massive detail of why, how etc. at the end of the day, this fixed all my issues (those were very slight stutters/tearing where frame rates were far higher then my monitor could produce)
Adaptive does just that, instead of just putting a dead stop max frame rate in AC to your monitor (to reduce those stutters/tears etc when going over your 120hz panel) it will 'adapt' when frame rates go over 120fps. It gives a far better outcome then a dead stop frame rate.

Thats the short. And while your at it, turn up your power management mode.
Try it, and lets see what you get.


Off in AC, Adaptive or On if you have Gsync/Freesync monitor in Nvcpl.
Low latency On (ex. Max prerendered frames)

Adaprive still puts dead stop at the monitor refresh rate, but is inactive when fps fall under. Regular one halves the frames, e.g 30 fps on 60hz.