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Cars VAZ 21083 LadaCup 1.30

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Track works in 1.43, all versions, practice, qualy. and race fine here.

That's really weird. When I download it it takes me to rFactor Central and the version is 1.1. I just tried again and it asked me if I wanted to overwrite the existing one.

This is what it looks like in my mod manager:

It says it misses lime rock 1.0.

I'd love to drive this mod. Always like the Fiat 124 Lada.

Matej Lakota

Sriple Tix
Hmmm ... Mine is 1.3 mod version.

This car is Lada`s own product with FWD and strange looking shape, also called lada Samara in my country :).


... but still great fun to drive it ...
I see, too bad, I like the old Lada.

But I would not mind this one either if I could make it work. Is the download link correct? Obviously, you can see I have some issues.
Thanks for the direct link. This is a RAR file so it's different from the one I have. Only issue is that Rapidshare wanted to install a bunch of stuff. Fortunately, I am not an idiot but I wonder how many people confuse their fake (your software is out of date) for the real thing and install their adware.

Anyway, thank you.

Matej Lakota

Sriple Tix
I really don`t know what is wrong in your case, but I just click on arrow (marked red) and file starts to download without any questions or demands to instaling anything.

Matej, thank you for this car, did some offline racing with AI and it was really fun. Some great close racing ;)

Why don't you put it on ISI forum?? I think many will enjoy it and hopefully there will be some online racing!

Matej Lakota

Sriple Tix
Stefan, this is not my mod, so I don`t know, what developer(s) thinks about that. It is really shame, this cool car could stay forgotten, because it is made for some club race action here on RD :).

Matej Lakota

Sriple Tix
As I said also on rFactor2 forum: I am sure, if this mod would have a different name ... for example ... like some cute Italian or British car, it would be ease the most popular rFactor2 mod.

Too bad, almost nobody cares about it and I have to drive it offline with AI :(.

We can soon change that mate.. :)
might be a great car for beginners like me to test the water in Rfactor 2 with..
next month Monday and Wednesdays i will be racing in the club nights..:thumbsup:

and i know you don't have to go fast to have a blast :)