Valve Index FOV vs First gen headset


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Dec 7, 2009
We are all expecting about a 20 percent increase in FOV, but..... if we look at the tested comparison pictures, we can see that almost only the vertical FOV has been increased, not the horizontal FOV we want as simracers.

So what are your thoughts about this?


Nov 15, 2014
It is difficult to say from these two photos, I also know that the fov of the index is linked, at the distance of the lenses from the eye, so I would not rely on these photos made by a camera.
Will certainly have a slightly higher fov, but I think that for us sim racers, it is nothing essential, maybe 144hz display are more attractive, but I think it's very hard to maintain stable on current PC.
Apr 4, 2018
IMO anybody buying the Index with FOV high on their shopping list is going to be disappointed.

Every little helps and all that, but I doubt in the heat of battle you'll notice any difference. Of course, i'd love to be proved wrong :)


Nov 26, 2017
I can tell you, wider FOV is a game changer for simracing.
You feel more immersed, the feel of speed is more natural and cornering is better because you can see the apex earlier.
Driving an open wheeler and getting overtaken is a special experience too, cause you can see the other car in your peripheral vision much earlier.

But the question remains, will 130° be enough?
This will be the question to answer.

For me the index is all about comfort.
This is not only related to the fit of the headset but also by how long I can use it without getting any eye strain or other discomfort.
And I hope this headset will shine in this regard.
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Jan 19, 2019
I'm not getting an Index because of FOV. If it's better, that's a bonus.

BTW did you notice that your image is cropped on both the left and right side such that you really can't tell how much more horizontal FOV there is?

I'm all about the comfort, edge to edge clarity, lower SDE and improved audio. Some may feel differently, but I think I'm going to like the ambient speaker arrangement. I'm hoping I can get 120 fps in sims even if it is with 60fps reprojection. Fingers crossed.

Now if it's clear edge to edge and the vertical FOV is improved too, that much better to glance down at my instruments :)

Now outside of sims I'm really looking forward to the new Index controllers and improved tracking over my Rift. I love my touch controllers and the tracking is great until it gets confused. The new base stations are supposed to be a set it and forget it and are not supposed to get confused or need periodic recalibrating like the Oculus does. I also expect to be able to run 120-144 fps in room scale games that are not sims. I'm sure that will be great!

This headset is absolutely all upside to me.

Mr Latte

Jun 2, 2016
My thoughts are thats a very bad comparison, how close the camera or face is to the lenses is also a factor.

This video covers several factors about the Index to the current models we have, including comfort
He says FOV on Index is better than Rift S which is meant to be better than Rift.

Not so much from a sim perspective but this video is worth watching and hearing the guys opinions.
See 17:00
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