Valsendero - Valleseco (Gran Canaria) Track

Tracks Valsendero - Valleseco (Gran Canaria) Track 1.0

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Something about the way this zip is structured is making it so content manager can't install it. I suspect it's the mytrack folder or the settings.json file being included that is making content manager think this isn't actually a track. It works fine to manually install it.
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Hey, just to let you know, the line for the version number in ui_track.json (currently line 19) needs a comma at the end so it's

"version": "0.4",


"version": "0.4"

I think this, or the presence of settings.json (this is just for the blender kn5 export, it doesn't need to be distributed with the track) is what is causing content manager to not be able to install this track. Manual installs work, but this is one of very few tracks I have trouble installing with content manager. With the number of updates you do and the frequency with which you release them, being able to install them with content manager would be better.
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