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Valencia Street Circuit


Sep 21, 2008
it is a much improved version over the rFactor ones I have tried. As somone involved in AC sail racing it was nice to see not only the buildings for the teams, but a few ACC class sails in the harbor.

I sent .dds textures of all of the boats from the Valencia meet to NeelJ (made for a sail simulator) so he can check them out, would make a nice addition to that eye candy if he chooses to use them.

I would however prefer to have this track back in rF for now. I have only seen 2 F1 mods for Race07 that run in Evo and they are both Server Edition. As is stands now I still believe rF is the stronger online platform and Evo the stronger single player.

Thanks for the heads up on the track for those that don't get to No Grip much! :D

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