V8Factor Unleashed future update ?

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    In a way I am surprised that the ORSM team havn`t updated there V8Factor Unleashed mod to include the new cars that have been added to the real life series, obviously I don`t know if the team still exists as a whole and whether they have the time or inclination, or maybe you are working on something if not for RFactor then maybe RFactor 2, or maybe not at all.
    Looking at the views V8Factor Unleashed 2014 by JClaude recieved, over 10,000, so it seems there are quite a few people who still play Rfactor using your V8 mod.
    So as stated above:
    are you working on anything for RFactor ?
    are you working on anything for RFactor2 ?
    or have you no intension of working on either now or in the future.
    anyway hope you don`t mind me asking.
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    La question se pose en effet ... Vue avec quelle véhémence j'ai été descendu il y a peu, cela voudrait-il dire qu'ils bossent sur un projet ?
    Donc la question se pose et, est posée, à eux d'y répondre !

    Translat with Google :

    The question arises as indeed ... View vehemence with which I have been descended there are a little, it would tell they are working on a project?
    So the question arises and is asked to them to answer them!
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    No issues with asking questions Mick.

    There has been a huge move away from modding by a lot of people in the past and this has been driven by poor attitudes from the community and a lot of theft of individuals work (including use by commercial entities for profit without permission). I have seen people argue that we release to the internet so it becomes open slather, but they are the ones contributing to the demise of the modding community.

    ORSM comprises of a core team of 4-5 people from the Australia and NZ region, with a few others who provide high quality contributions when asked to do so..

    In our team, each person has a specific skill or ability, and each have their own lives, hobbies, passions and work. Sometimes the lives, hobbies, passions and work of each of the individuals change, or don't align, and you even saw that when we were playing with 2005 when my work and family commitments dragged me away from the mod for a few weeks.

    Here are just a few updates that would be required to launch a 2014 season update:
    - New physics, including the IRS, weight distribution, lower profile tyres
    - 4 new full detailed models (VF, E63, S60 and Altima)
    - 5 new full detailed cockpit models based on a standardised COTF platform, but incorporate the new dash for each model.
    - a revamped FG model to suit the new COTF cockpit
    ORSM as a group still exist. But to be honest, we are not currently active at planning any further community updates to V8Factor or rF, and never thought we would be touching rF1 after unleashed was released.

    We may release some stuff in the future, and this will be the forum that we make the announcement on, but I can't see it happening in the foreseeable future.

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    Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions, very much appreciated.
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